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Taking Care Of Split Nails

Updated: July 2, 2011 1:19 pm

Beautifully manicured nails with healthy pink colour are a sight to look at and give an added attraction to one’s personality. Nails are used as tools to diagnose health problems. Paleness of nails indicate the ill health of a person like deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood and liver problems, blue for heart and respiratory problems, deficiency of iron, vitamins, proteins etc.

Care for your dry split nails

Splitting of the finger nails is one of the most common problems. It is more common in women. They are characterised by vertical splitting or separation of the nail plate layers on the tip. Prolonged wetting and drying of the finger nails is the single most common cause of splitting and ridging of the nails. It is also caused by internal disease or vitamin deficiency. Nail polish removers and trauma to the fingers also contribute to splitting nails. One should follow diet rich in minerals like for silica: beets, cucumber, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, soyabeans, alfalfa, whole grains etc; for magnesium: spinach, almonds, cashew, dried apricot, pumpkin seeds, etc; and for calcium: broccoli, soyabeans, figs, turnip greens, cabbage etc. In addition to this one should also take vitamin C and D rich citrus fruits, broccoli, lychees, strawberries, peaches, pineapple etc and sun-exposure.

♦          Avoid eating food that is too spicy and reduce the amount of chilly, pepper and bell pepper as they are extremely spicy and hot and have a negative impact on the skin.

♦          Take juice of one lemon; add an equal amount of water and use as a soak for your nails for five minutes. This acts as an astringent and also helps remove stains. To strengthen nails soak them in warm olive oil for five minutes. Apply vitamin E oil followed by jojoba oil to your nails.

♦          Take a little edible oil, apply to your nails and massage delicately. On regular application your nails will become strong.

♦          Take four to five drops of olive oil, add little lemon juice and honey. Now apply this solution to your nails before going to bed and wash off in the morning. If you do this frequently you will find good results. You can even apply petroleum jelly.

♦          Once a week take a little baking soda, dip a nailbrush in it and clean your nails and the skin around the nails. Now dip your hands in lukewarm salty water for few minutes and then wash off by rubbing thoroughly. Apply a good moisturiser when wet. It is always better to wear gloves while doing the household chores. This keeps hands and nails healthy.

♦          Those who have the problem of split nails should not use acetone-based nail polish. This decreases the moisture in the nails which leads to splitting. Apply strengtheners before and after applying nail polish. To prepare it at home, take two table spoons each of badam and olive oil and one table spoon caster oil, mix all the three ingredients well and store in a bottle. Apply it to your nails everyday before going to bed to get rid of the split nails.

♦          At times due to severe cold conditions or for soaking long time in water nails get infected. In such a situation take harad (haritaki), make paste adding little water and apply to nails like henna, before going to bed. Besides this, taking harad powder along with honey internally helps cure the infection fast.

♦          After cleaning rice with water, don’t throw away the water. Keep some of the water aside. Take bee wax, heat on a low fire, after it melts, add this water (equal amount to wax) and after it gets mixed with water, remove from the stove. After cooling this gets hardened like cream. This too can be applied to finger nails at night to make them healthy.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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