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Tackle Headache With Home Remedies

Updated: July 31, 2010 1:29 pm

Headache is something that everyone must have experienced at some point of time or other in their lives. It is the tightening of the muscle in the brain which makes a person very uncomfortable and sick. It can be due to the less supply of oxygen to the brain, due to the pollution, noise, strain, tension in work schedules or due to the long hours of tedious journey and various other reasons.

            I used to get headache, whenever I went to see a movie in the theatre. The enthusiasm of watching the movie was so much that I could not forego the movie for the fear of getting the headache. After the advent of Television in our house, I completely stopped going to the theatre. Now I realized that I used to get headache due to the suffocation, lack of oxygen supply to the brain as all the doors in the theatre were closed.

            A migraine headache is such a nuisance that it can ruin your entire day. The migraine headache is so bad that you can’t look at light, smell food or even work at the slightest. The symptoms get so bad that they can often be accompanied by vomiting and won’t make you feel any better. Migraine headaches are definitely no fun but once, if you know how to deal with it, you are not likely to get them again or you will be able to get rid of them quicker than ever before, so that they are not such a nuisance. Once you have had one, you know how debilitating they can be and you will be willing to do anything to either keep them at bay or get rid of them altogether.

            Here are some home remedies to treat the headache. These remedies have no side effects and can be taken along with allopathic medicines. Please see the Doctor depending upon the severity of the headache, if it is not controlled at home.

Remedies for Headache:

Khas khas—60g roasted, powdered, dried; Badam—60g soaked in water, peeled off the skin and crush into pieces, dry it in the sun; Elaichi (Cardamom)—5 powdered; Misri—100g powdered; Khajoor (dates)—100g crushed into pieces and dry in the sun.

            Take a bowl. First put khas khas powder and add badam powder slowly to it and add the rest of the powders to it, mix well and store in a bottle. Take half tablespoon of this powder with luke warm water early in the morning for 40 days. This will cure not only headache but also cure giddiness, heaviness in the head etc.

Partial Headache:

Sometimes, we get headache only on one side of the head.

(a)        To get quick relief from partial headache take steam of turmeric powder.

(b)        There is a simple exercise: On the side at which you get headache press the temple with your thumb and take deep breathe and leave slowly. Do this for 60 times daily.

(c)        Take half litre of water and add 60g misri to it and keep near the bed overnight. Drink this water early in the morning at 5’o clock. You will get definite relief from partial headache within 4 to 7 days.


Take 5 to 6 amla pieces; crushed dhania seeds, one tablespoon.

Take one glass of water in an earthen pot (khullar) add amla and dhania to it and leave it overnight. Early in the morning strain the water in a strainer add one spoon misri and drink. Repeat this for 7 days and get rid of the giddiness within 7 days.

            Taking the above potion you can do a small exercise exactly in the centre at the back of the neck here is ‘sushumna nadi’. Very delicately massage here with the tip of your fingers applying til oil. The same way massage temples and the centre of the head (Scalp). A simple yoga exercise is to close the right nostril and inhale and exhale from the left.

Relief from Headache:

Mix triphala churna with equal amount of misri and store it in a bottle. Take half spoon with luke warm water daily in the morning to get quick relief from headache.

Relief from heaviness in the head:

Make paste of jeera and nimbu and apply on the forehead to get relief from heaviness in the head in half an hour.

            Keep water in a copper glass overnight and drink early in the morning.

            To keep the stomach clean and to have good bowel movement, take two spoons of honey and two spoons of Ginger juice mixed with (slightly warm) four spoons of caster oil, at least once a week. This gets rid of constipation and gives relief from headache.

            Extract juice from buds of Pomagranade fruit and misri crushed together and put 2 drops in each nostril this will also gives relief from headache.

            Another way is to take hot cooked rice in a cloth and do fomentation on forehead.

            Next time before popping that allopathic tablet try one of the above time tested home remedies.

By N Sugna

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