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Sweets are for the Victor, only!

Updated: June 2, 2016 3:34 pm

When initial trends started trickling in, the DMK had an edge over AIADMK. It seemed power will be wrested from Amma by 91-year-old M. Karunanidhi. His followers and the aspirants for positions in DMK government soon zeroed in at the Patriarch’s residence. Reports are that Stalin was welcoming visitors with big smile.

Most visitors carried boxes of sweets with them. A wizened-old-hand Karunanidhi cautioned everyone not to hasten things and wait for some time. But no one was listening to him.

But within half an hour things started to change, seats, one after the other, were decreasing and the visitors started to leave silently but before that they did not forget to collect their boxes of sweets.

Some of them just melted away, while many detoured to go to Amma’s house. Once there, they wrote their names on the box of sweets and then gave it to Amma’s staff.

After all sweets are for the victor. Meanwhile, reports are that a security guard shouted that the DMK has lost because of linking up with that ‘Ma’am’. Congress was given 45 or more seats but won just eight. The guard was not wrong.

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