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Swamy At Nobel Laureate Sen

Updated: March 21, 2015 12:18 pm

We all know Dr Subramaniam Swamy enjoys targeting powerful and well-known people. Currently Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are his focal points of ‘attention’. He has filed a case against them regarding National Herald. He has now filed a complaint to CBI against Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen seeking to register an FIR under Prevention of Corrupt Act alleging that Prof Sen swindled funds of Nalanda University of which he is the Chancellor. Recently Prof Sen had given a very critical interview blaming the Government and the Foreign Office. He was in turn criticised for his statements. Now Dr Swamy is trying to raise the level of investigation. In his complaint to the CBI Director Anil Sinha , he has demanded that Prof Sen should be booked for alleged embezzlement of Rs.3000 crore funds allotted to the University and alleged Criminal Breach of Trust..

Swamy said that the CBI should take cognizance on the findings of CAG on the misappropriation of funds allotted by the Centre to the Nalanda University during the regime of the Nobel laureate. He said Sen is a deemed public servant, as a Chancellor of the wholly Union Government financed University.

“The FIR may be registered, inter alia on the basis of audit reports of the CAG for defalcation and reckless misuse of funds, and lack of accountability, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement of about Rs 300 crore of tax payers money,” alleged Dr Swamy in his complaint to CBI.

He also alleged that Prof Sen had abused his position to appoint his “cronies” in all top positions of the University. “The nodal Ministry of External Affairs for the University, objected in writing to Sen’s arbitrarily and opaque manner of appointing as Vice-Chancellor Gopa Sabharwal, an assistant professor i.e., a junior lady faculty member, from JNU. Full professors refused to join under a much junior-faculty member as Vice-Chancellor. The CAG in its report had also objected to the appointment and the salary fixed for her,” said Swamy.

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