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Surprise, Intellectuals flock in Teesta’s defence

Updated: August 7, 2015 4:32 am

These journalists had come round to defend the Editor of Tehelka when he was slapped with the serious charge of assault and forcible detention et al. But it was no surprise, the Editor was one of them. The surprise is that these are the same journalists who have stood up to defend Teesta Setalvad, who is definitely not one of them. Another surprise is they are the ones who were demanding a CBI probe in the VYAPAM scam. CBI was free of government interference then, but as soon as their dear friend Teesta is involved, CBI becomes vindictive

Are these media houses and so-called secular journalists carrying out anti-India and anti-Modi campaign? Indian media houses are controlled and is sold out to foreign interests. It is time there should be a judicial inquiry into the nefarious activities and a big crackdown on media houses, carrying out anti-Indian activities and their licenses should be suspended and introduce press regulatory body and press complaints commission.

Teesta Setalvad, activist and founder of trusts like the Sabrang Trust, found herself under the CBI scanner. The allegations against Setalvad are multiple. She is alleged to have cheated victims of 2002 Godhra riots, and “embezzled funds” collected in their name. One of the riot victims from Gulbarg housing society had filed a complaint against Teesta and her husband Javed Anand. The alleged misappropriation of funds is said to be to the tune of Rs 1.51 crore. Further, it was also found that her trusts had violated FCRA norms. Sabrang Communication and Publishing Pvt Limited, with which Teesta is associated, recieved $ 2.9 lakh from Ford Foundation as grant to “address communalism, caste-based discrimination in India, including media strategies”.

But unlike the Sabrang Trust, this company was not registered under FCRA and hence there was a violation. All the so-called intellectuals tweeted in the same tone, claiming CBI raids were not needed and action was vindictive. They ignore that Lalit Modi is also in a similar, if not same, position. He too is an accused, facing investigation for financial irregularities, albeit at much larger scale. Yet, when he is given an

NOC to visit his ailing wife, media has a massive problem. And when another accused is probed by CBI, then too they have a problem. Double standards? Or just saving one of their own?

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