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Sunny gets mobbed

Updated: September 6, 2017 2:00 pm

We all know how popular Sunny Leone is all over the country. She gets mobbed where ever she goes but recently; things went out of hand in Kochi Kerala as thousands of people thronged a shopping center where Sunny Leone was there to launch a mobile phone. Thousands of her fans gathered there and chanted Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.. Reports reveal that it took more than an hour for her to get down of her car and just enter the venue. She was extremely excited and over the moon seeing the love of her fans. In fact, the actor stunned her co-stars by posting a video where one could see her car stuck in the middle of a pool of fans. Police had a tough time getting the traffic moving as thousands virtually took over the MG Road for a glimpse of the actress.

On two occasions, policemen used canes to drive away the fans. Many climbed on to the roofs of buses and buildings. She later tweeted: “No words… Can’t thank the people of Kochi. Was so overwhelmed by the love and support. Never will forget God’s Own Country. Kerala! Thank you!”

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