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Sugarcane Juice To Treat Anemia

Updated: April 4, 2015 5:04 pm

Anemia is a condition when there is a decrease in the amount of red blood cells in the body. There are many medicines to treat anemia. But many people may not know that sugarcane juice improves hemoglobin levels in the body. In 100gms of sugarcane juice, 2 to 10 gms of iron is easily available. Though the juice is very sweet in taste, it has the power to improve the condition of anemia. But it is not advisable for diabetic patients as it can increase their blood sugar at a very fast rate. It can be taken by only those who are not diabetic.

Sugarcane juice conain sucrose, fructose and glucose. As soon as you drink the juice, it is absorbed in the body. This juice contain iron, calcium, manganese, phosphate, chromium, cobalt, copper, zinc and other minerals. All these are important for the well being of a person. This juice contains high levels of iron as well. Most of the ayurvedic medicines which are prepared with sugarcane juice contain Indian gooseberry juice. Indian gooseberry contain high amount of Vitamin C whcih is very essential for the health. But one should know that there is difference between the items that increase the level of iron and those which increase the iron in the body itself. A study was conducted on some children by giving them jaggery and Indian gooseberry juice. After few days it was seen that these children were tested with high of iron content. As jaggery is also made with sugarcane, this can be also given along with gooseberry juice to improve blood levels in the body. This can be successfully done at home and can be given to elders and children who are suffering from anemia. It has been written in ayurvedic scriptures like Charaka Samhita long back.

When red blood cells decrease in our body, one feels weak, gets tired fast and goes pale. These are the symptoms of anemia or lack of hemoglobin. These red blood cells carry oxygen in the body. When these cells decreases, the level of oxygen too decreases in the body which leads to other health problems. Sugarcane juice solves the problem of anemia with less expenditure.

There are many reasons for the hemoglobin deficiency in the body such as loss of nutrients like iron, B12 and foliate from the body or it can be hereditory. Some people suffer from chronic anemia while some suffer from more serious kind of anemia. If it is serious, the symptoms appear immediately. For chronic, it slowly develops in the body in due course of time. Though it is not a disease, it should not be neglected as it may lead to a serious disease. It is one of the major problems faced by people and on conducting blood test one gets to know the decreased number of red blood cells.

So go for sugarcane juice where it is hygenically made and consume immediately as it becomes oxidised very soon. It not only protects you from becoming anemic, but also gives you instant energy. Sugarcane is grown abun antly in many parts of India.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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