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Stress Buster Cats

Updated: September 4, 2015 5:15 am

India that is Bharat

SATIRICUS has been repeatedly writing that the world is going to the dogs, but lately he has begun to wonder…. Why to the dogs alone? Why not to the cats as well? After all, dogs and cats go together. For instance, when it rains hard, it does not rain dogs alone, it rains cats and dogs. So it follows that if the world going to the dogs is good for the world, the world going to the dogs as well as cats would be better for it. The good news is that the world seems to have realised this. For a firm in Japan has recently hired nearly a dozen cats to motivate its employees for better output. And it has worked. For the company has claimed that since the cats were appointed and began roaming all over the office, stress levels in the employees have gone down and their productivity has gone up. They have even bonded with the cats, which has promoted team spirit.

This good news from the East has been followed by better news from the West. For news comes that a toy warehouse in the British city of Southampton has hired the world’s first security cat. Of course its qualifications were carefully checked, and it was found that its climbing ability and loud purr were upto mark. The press report about this cat’s appointment stated that it would be paid a salary of cat food and fish. As this is a British cat, in all probality this means a British breakfast of fish without chips, a lunch of a mouth-watering mouse—and what for dinner? Why, nothing but fat rats for fat cats.

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