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Vibrant red-coloured, sweet, delicious strawberries can enhance the taste and appearance of any meal. They are available year round throughout the world. They vary in size, flavour, texture and taste. They are usually consumed fresh but in addition to this, they can also be frozen and used as preservatives. Strawberry flavour is a popular flavour in many eatables such as ice-cream, candies, cookies, milk and cakes. They belong to the rose family (Rosaceae). They are also known as garden strawberry and pineapple strawberry. Strawberries are generally loosely covered and stored in the refrigerator as they are extremely fragile. Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, riboflavin, folate, amino acids such as valine, arginine, glycine, histidine, aspartic acid, lipids, protein, fiber, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium and iron.

They help regulate digestion and reduce the risk of heart diseases due to the presence of fiber. Fiber also lowers blood pressure and helps manage hunger. Enhancing the immune system Vitamin C is plentiful in strawberries which are quite effective in reducing the unlikable effects of cold due to the immune function of fighting with bacteria and virus infection. The benefits of strawberries can also be enjoyed during pregnancy as Vitamin C protects the tissue against damage. Strawberries are a rich source of folate and phenols which can help fight the cancerous cells and thus preventing cancer.

 Low Calories: Strawberries are low in calories. One cup of strawberries contains only about 45 calories.

Strong bones: The presence of important minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium keeps the bone strong and healthy.

Keeps the heart healthy: Potassium helps maintain the blood pressure. Strawberries also decrease inflammation of cells which ultimately prevents copious diseases of the heart and circulatory system. Potassium and magnesium also reduce hypertension. The highly nutritional composition of this fruit makes it effective in strengthening the heart muscles and reducing the cholesterol.

Eye care: Various studies have found them quite useful in preventing eye diseases and making the eyes healthy. Vitamin A, as we all know, is responsible for healthy and beautiful eyes.

Skin care: Antioxidants present in strawberry prevent aging by acting as a defence agent against free radicals’ attack. Vitamin C is one of the most important components of almost every skin care product. Vitamin C reduces spots and fine lines of wrinkles. By including strawberries in our diet, we can definitely improve the skin’s condition and complexion. They have also been found good enough to get rid of dead skin cells and thus improving the colour of the skin by providing a fresh and natural glow to the skin. They make an astonishing facial mask when mixed with yoghurt or milk. Strawberry mask can be applied to the face before going to sleep to get best results.

All the benefits of this fruit make it fitting enough to be included in our diet in the form of juices, desserts, fresh fruits or shakes.

 By Monalisa biswal



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