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Stories of hope

Updated: October 5, 2017 3:31 pm

Indian Judiciary has declared the “TRIPLE TALAAQ” as unconstitutional. As a society which beckons to move forward, wants to usher in an era where women aren’t deprived of their rights and a sense of equanimity between the two genders prevail; this landmark judgment should be greeted with open arms. The book titled A Word Thrice uttered it seems has anticipated the decision and speaks against the ghastly practice o0f Tiple Talaaq. The story “A word thrice uttered” also speaks in volume about the plight of women who have been subjugated to these evils since in time immemorial. A Word Thrice Uttered: Stories on Life’s Realities is a collection of short stories portraying the diverse realities of life through the protagonists’ children, women, men, animals, even super naturals. While Ratan’s story is one of irreparable damage to a child’s psyche, through callous handling, spilling onto his adult life, Ram Khilawan’s is a contrast where familial love inspires a child to put aside his trauma and attain the impossible despite poverty.

Who would believe that, even in independent India, children are bought and sold, to slog as cheap labour, in a city like Allahabad, which gave to India one Prime Minister after another? Where children are not spared, what would the plight of animals be! But here the author infuses hope through stories where animals return in equal measure the love and trust they receive from humans who treat them as family. Readers meet fascinating women confronted with irresponsible men and downright evil ones too. But nothing stops these women from taking the first step to a leap into liberation and self-empowerment. There are gentle touches into sensitive areas, through the thought processes of little Aslam and the experiences of Hafizji and his family. Panditayin, wrapped in the Ganga-Jumuni tehzeeb, makes readers long to turn the clock, back into that golden era. The supernatural characters here are not the run-of-the-mill horror models. Their stories have a plot, run on a theme and have turns and twists, which make these Supernaturals.

A word thrice uttered

Stories on life’s realities

Praveen talha


Pages : 192

Price: 350

The author of the book Parveen Talha belongs to an old family of Awadh. She was an Indian civil servant, reported to be the first Muslim woman to serve in any Class I civil service in India, the first Indian Revenue Service officer to become a member of the Union Public Service Commission and the first woman to serve in Narcotics Department of India.

Praveen Talha through her last collection fida-e-Lucknow has shown the textures and flavours of Lucknow, while in this collection she has widened her canvas and made it more colourful, with characters from Lucknow and its adjoining towns and villages, playing vibrant roles on a stage shifting through time and space, portraying the rich history of the Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb.

In a nutshell, this book plays beautifully with the multi-dimensional human nature and gives a fresh feel to the readers.

By Nilabh Krishna




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