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Stay Healthy

Updated: April 19, 2014 5:52 pm

All of us would like to have modern gadgets in our houses to lead a comfortable life. Washing machines, food processors and micro-ovens save us a lot of time and energy. We may be using our time fruitfully but how about the energy? If not utilised properly it will convert into fat and make us obese.

According to a study, 30 to 50 per cent of Indians are suffering from obesity, which is the root cause of many diseases such as blood sugar, high blood pressure, joint pains, liver and heart problems etc. It is also giving raise to psychological problems. Health experts are showing concern on ever-increasing problems of obesity.

For an average Indian height BMI 23 or more is overweight and 27 or more is considered to be obese. Experts from the National Nutrition Trust say that it is not wise to decrease weight artificially as it leads mostly to adverse effects. Here are some suggestions regarding this issue:

Use of modern gadgets

♦     Do not depend on machines for every small work like washing clothes, dusting and cleaning the house, using the remote for changing channels etc. If you do these physically you will burn some calories.

♦      One hour of exercise is very essential.

♦     One should take care of proper diet. It is the fat that accumulates around the waist that is more dangerous, say experts.

Micro oven: National nutrition experts feel that as far as micro ovens are concerned they can be used without any doubt.   But one has to follow certain rules while using them.

♦      We should not heat the food on large scale.

♦      It is likely that all the food is not heated evenly and some food is left cold.

♦       Harmful bacteria accumulate there and enter our body.

♦       To avoid the above problem keep stirring often while heating.

♦       Partially heated food should not be consumed.

♦       Do not keep food in micro oven as soon as you take out from the refrigerator, warns nutrition experts.

Organic foods: It is true that these foods do not contain any pesticides but these foods are very expensive. It is not necessary to go for these food stuffs. There is not much difference in the nutritional value whether in organic or inorganic. If you keep them in salt water for ten minutes before cooking 80 per cent of the insecticide residue will be gone and the rest 20 per cent would be gone in the process of cooking, say experts. Purchasing organic foods has become the norm of the day. Moreover, there is no government-authorised agency in India to approve organic food stuff.

Parents need to take many efforts on the diet pattern of the kids just for the sake of being overweight. Encourage children to go out and play instead of watching TV. Discourage them to eat junk food and explain the benefit of eating nutritious diet. Playing games will make them healthy and exercise will keep them fit.

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