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SRK’s 20 million message

Updated: July 14, 2016 12:26 pm

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan recorded a sweet video to thank his fans after he hit 20 million followers on Twitter.  The 50-year-old actor said it is his fans messages that help him become a better person.  “This is me Shah Rukh and this is not a thank you for the 20 million we have reached. Actually, this is a thank you to tell you that you helped me deal with so many issues of life which happen to me everyday, which made me sometimes frown, sometimes cry, sometimes angry and sometimes made me feel even worse than angry,” the actor said in the video message.  Recalling some of his bizarre fan encounters, Shah Rukh also shared incidents that normally “peeve” him be it a fan requesting him to autograph on a currency note or a fan trying to introduce himself to the actor in the flight.  “… actually there are so many thank yous like this to the issues like this but that have become easy to deal with… Thank you to the sun and thank you for the beings. And Thank you for all the smiles I get while I am driving back. Thank you 20 million friends for actually making me a better person,” he shared.

 (Compiled by Nilabh Krishna)

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