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Split personality  of India on trial

By Prof. NK Singh
Updated: December 24, 2019 3:56 pm

Is India Hindu or is it secular with Muslim favorable bias? This is the question haunting the country everywhere. No one seems to define it in this perspective. The history of India is haunting us and we do not know how we can grapple with the ghosts of past. India was captured by Muslim invaders and the way they won their victory was highly torturous. The attackers were ruthless with the women and children of the captives .More than thousands of their placed of worship were destroyed.  The nightmares of their families and their culture that was ruined went as permanent reminders of their destruction in broken cultural and religious motifs. The repression was grotesque and cruel leading to part repression and loss of sense of history. Look at the monuments like Sarnath and Khajaraho are examples of how people let it burry under dust for fear of their demolition by invaders. This was rel gious suppression of memories appearing as loss of memory that occurs in mental shock.

British captured India and after hallowing it out of its wealth and resources, left it to a split body which had both Hindu and Muslims set against each other by them. They introduced well known strategy of divide and rule. Gandhi had seen this game and he devised middle path with Ishwar Allah tero nam. It did not succeed and Pakistan was created on two nation theory model. Muslims were given Pakistan and India was obviously left for Hindus. Hindus majority had part like INC that following Gandhi ji adopted secularism.

Partition was the biggest shock to Indian psych. It neverd recovered from this shock. Gandhi was made to toe the line of Jawaharlal Nehru as he had given a word to British Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, for whatever mysterious reasons, to accept partition. It was all hurried to suit the British and without preparation millions were displaced in one of the greatest human tragedy. Gandhi ji went on his secular mission with Raghupathi and Ishwar Allah singing. But India lost its moorings. The result was that it evolved a document to govern India and in this constitution it did not mention its most important credo-Secularism and socialism. These were included later by Mrs Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, but originally these were not mentioned. My hypothesis is that the repression that partition nailed in the Indian psyche was behind this omission. Partly it meant unconscious compromise with differing opinions in the drafting committee. Vir Savarkar who was the philosopher and crusader of Hinduism had prepared the ground.  Current refernce to Savarkar by Rahul has brought to fore Savarkar’s contribution or failure. Rahul would not know the metaphysics of Hinduism that reigned the mind of Savarkar, who spent ten year in kala pani. Although Rahul wanted to degrade him yet he failed to notice that portrait of Savarkar was displayed in Parliament since 2003.

Savarkar was great freedom fighter and his book on first Indian war of Independence was banned by the British. Life of this great thinker was dedicated to freedom moment and thereafter he had to sign clemency and focus on religion and social history. Twice Gandhi ji also met him. He wrote famous book ‘Who is Hindu”. He became President of Hindu Maha Sabha and he was wrongly accused by the Congress party of being involved in assassination of Gandhi ji. The court acquitted him as there was no evidence. He had earlier opted for clemency since he thought he can serve better the cause of India than dying in the prison without any opportunity to serve the nation. He proved it by great service he rendered.

I had the honor to pay my respect to his memory by visiting the jail where he spent 10 years. My eye turned moist to think of his turmoil alone in the cell .I wrote an article that the place should be visited for worship and It was great satisfaction that his portrait much later adorned the Parliament’s walls. Now Shiv Sena is proposing his name for Bharat Ratna which he richly deserves as author to freedom literature to remind India of its history and to etch out Hindutva to remind the past of a nation that had lost its history and philosophy.

I wish we continue to respect such sacrifice and devotion. Also now the credo of our secularism is on trial.


By Prof. NK Singh

(The writer is International Management Adviser.)

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