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Spiritualism And Science The Same Ultimate Truths

Updated: May 15, 2010 11:01 am

The twenty first century is the century of science—the dominance of modern science in all walks of life. Numerous scientific achievements have emerged in rapid succession to glorify human existence. Dr APJ Kalam has reiterated that this century will witness the dogma of modern science and spiritual science at an incredible height to glorify the mankind. In this process of glorification both faculties will have to concurrently march triumphantly towards a phenomenal progress. The country which achieves this success would invariably be the superpower of the world in the 21st century. It will easily bring about a revolutionary change in the world order. The world is facing trials and tribulations and there is strife all around. If only science do take the world under its shelter, there would be no chaos and disorder.

            Some sceptics raise the poser whether science and spirituality are at loggerheads. If they study both, they would find that together, they represent the summum bonum of all energies and fundamental truths. If one fathoms the depth of knowledge one would find both these branches as the same ultimate truths.

            The onus rests entirely on the science intelligentia, the scientist generation of this century to accept the challenges of spiritual science and its resurgence. Hopefully they should bring about honest and unity among the modern and ancient science. Ancient science has a reservoir of thoughts. Recent innovations and inventions have taken long stride which has held the intellectual world spellbound but yet to explore the secrets of spiritual science. To them, the basic oriental truths still remain obscure. The crux of the matter is that modern scientists are novice in this field of spiritual philosophy. Is there anything common between these two faculties? Going deep into the subjects, they seem to hold the same platform. The scientist should strive to plunge into the ocean of Hindu culture and the divinity abundant in Hindu spirituality. The matter of prime importance is that in what way the scientists are to try and reach the depth of spirituality, which are in reality the established truths of nature.

            Modern research is already in full swing and has earned laurels. A scientist’s mind is always awake and conscious, in fact, he is an obvious monomaniac. He goes through trials and tribulations. His efforts yield fruits by exploring scientific truth on his various scientific projects. The world benefits from his meritorious research and inventions. This exposes his deep sense of devotion to intellectual involvement and geneous attitude. The scientific discoveries and inventions are published and find their way to the intelligentia. These findings play a constructive role in the common man’s life. The universe is really a synthesis of elements of physics, chemistry and biology. The primeval language. Sanskrit is understandably the language of knowledge and wisdom. The human being is synthesis of body, mind, intellect and soul. We accept the body physically as we see it practically. Even to some extent, we accept the existence of mind and intellect. But we are puzzled or doubt about the existence of soul what we call atma.

            The intelligentia and general populace have unjustifiably accepted our religious books as books of philosophy or merely the instruments of worship. But they are reluctant to understand the value as a treasure of science. These are really bona fide commentary of different facets of

scientific understanding. We find these scriptures written in Sanskrit which has been the lingua franca since times immemorial. This transcendental literature is all about knowing religion as science. They are comprised of stanzas or what we call slokas which were scholarly written by the saints or the rishis. We find in Sanskrit a rich reserve of profound scientific knowledge. It might appear amusing but truthfully that the rishis were the scientists of that era.

            The cruel irony is that we just believe the rishis and saints as teachers of certain scholastic level. Now recently, we have recognised them as genuine scientists of that era. They wrote literature based on science and religion. These God-blessed saints had their own respective families. They were genius just in line with the present-day scientists.

            Those scientists, known as rishis, through their hard work and dedication, discovered various innovations not only in material world like physics, chemistry and biology but also in astronomy, vastu shastra, health sciences, yoga and discoveries on mind, soul and many many other mysteries of the universe.

            Those rishis went further and discovered the various aspects of spiritual science through meditation. Mediation in that is power of mind through various concentration techniques. It requires not only hard work but experiments on body and self.

            The rishis found out various principles which they made open for the people to practice in life and society. Those principles were so grass routely accepted that they became part and parcel of lifestyle. Thus it fonned harmonious atmosphere among mankind, all other creatures and nature at large, making the world a better place to live, avoiding disasters, catastrophes of present day climate change. Gradually, all these scientific innovations became rituals of life, forgetting the real scientific meaning, ultimately turning into myths.

            The present-day scientists have made tremendous and miraculous innovation gripping the world in fingers tips. We are really proud of such discoveries, still these scientists have to find the mysteries of soul and achievement through spiritual awakening which we know through our ancient shastras and scriptures still awaiting stamping scientific proof of modem age.

            Many innovations on soul identification and spirituality are going on. In fact, after innovation in materialistic world, this field is open for research for the present-day scientists. Almost more than 70 countries are studying Sanskrit as the language. They are not interested in literature alone they know that Sanskrit books of India are the rich treasure for new innovations, human existence and to combat disasters of global warming. Many western and European scientists are doing research on telepathy, yogic exercises, Vedic mathematics vastushashtra, etc. In fact, they, now, believe that whole body is made up of vibrating waves only, arising and disappearing every moment.

            The tragic part of this spiritual research is that still the Indian scientists are lagging far behind. The foreign scientists as already mentioned are quite ahead. It is the challenge for the modern-day scientists to open the doors of spiritual science. Innovations in space and astrology along with the reincarnation of sand, various stages of soul—atma, miracles happening in life and universe are awaiting the scientific explanation of modem era.

            When the scientists accept this challenge, the real science of spirituality will become public. Let us hope that the planet again becomes a better place to live on, not only for mankind but also for all creatures with harmony of modem and spiritual science for centuries to come.

By Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria

The writer is former Union Minister of State, Heavy Industries, HRD and Health

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