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Soul Power The Ultimate Power

Updated: October 1, 2011 12:30 pm

Spirituality is the expression of “soul” or “life force”. Presence of soul indicates life. Absence of soul indicates death. Hence, in its most crude sense, soul is synonymous with life. However, expression of soul is not limited to indicate the presence of life. It goes much beyond that.

From our scientific knowledge of chemistry, we are aware of the role and purpose of “catalyst”. We all know that presence of catalyst is a must for few chemical reactions to happen, though catalyst does not participates in the reaction and its very nominal quantity is required for that reaction to happen. We also know that chemical and physical properties of catalyst do not match with either reactants or their products. Similarly, analogically, soul is necessary (catalyst) for the life (from inactive to active form of matter) but its properties do not match with either of the substances, which are necessary to shape the life nor with the total expression of living form itself. However, soul being beyond matter, is difficult to be appreciated and described, through conventional parameters, which are used to describe tangible forms.

Going beyond the frontiers of physical appreciation and description, soul has a great impact on the expression and outcome of life. Even being intangible, it is in continuity with the physical body and forms the core or foundation of this physical existence. Since we do not know the form/composition of soul so we also fail to clearly understand the dynamics of its impact on the conscious and unconscious activities of this body, which result into growth, expression and destiny of this life-form.

This basic account of soul may force us to appreciate that for experiencing the intangible “soul”, there has to be a mechanism, beyond conventional parameters, which are used to examine tangible forms and dimensions. This approach is called Spiritual Approach or Soul Searching.

Spiritual approach is based on the trust that soul exists and forms the core of human life. It also takes into consideration that a controlled mind is basic for approaching the soul, therefore unsteadiness of mind and its dependence on the sense organs for experiencing the world, has to be controlled. This entails a series of efforts which come under the path of “YOGA” and lead the practitioner to the realization of “Self”. This union of “material self” with the “non-material self”, is the basis of creation. Hence yoga is a science and art of self-realisation, which enables the practitioner to experience the connectedness of “self” with the “divine”. Such realisation is experienced as “bliss” and flows as an impactful radiance and social change through the realised souls/seers.

Therefore, understanding of this scientific fact that soul-power is the ultimate power, should be beyond doubts. Are we ready to explore this path, remains to be seen?

By Dr Deepak Shukla

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