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Sonia’s New Admirer

Updated: August 20, 2011 11:28 am

Sonia Gandhi is often surprised when she receives praises from unexpected quarters. This time it is Arun Shourie, a former minister in the NDA government and one-time think-tank chief under Atalji who lauded her for her work for the handicapped. Shourie, a prolific author has recently penned a book titled ‘Does He Know a Mother’s Heart: How Suffering Refutes Religion’ on his disabled son and ailing wife. It was at a release function that he praised Sonia Gandhi for her work for the disabled. In a sign of disillusionment with the party he represented as its intellectual face for many years, Shourie said that he had ‘almost no relationship’ with the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has individual friends, but has distanced himself from the Party, which he says does not have anything to do with Hinduism any more. Shourie, the former editor of the Indian Express, however, made it a point to stress that nobody should read much in his praise of Sonia Gandhi. In his typical style, he also quipped: “Please don’t think that I’m looking for a job and I hope no viewer will now start saying this.”

Learn From Congress!

At last Yeddyurappa has resigned. Yeddy seemed to be a cause for problem for the BJP for last two years. However, it was very much clear that the problem was within the party instead of outside. Name of two senior party leaders flashed many times for the troubles Yeddyurappa was facing. However, the main rival of the BJP, the Congress, was enjoying the situation. One Congress leader commented that all the BJP leaders were fools. CM has the power to reject the report of Lokpal. Another Congress leader from Delhi said that they had already done that when Rajkumar Chauhan, a minister in Shiela government, was accused in the report of Lokpal. Shiela Dikshit had rejected the report and nothing happened.

Raja Vs Raja

There are two Rajas in the Parliament; though, one is in jail. This fact was quoted by Sitaram Yechury, a senior CPM leader and a key person in Third Front. Though, Third Front is still struggling for its existence, its leaders never skip any chance to show its presence. In the monsoon session of Parliament some leaders from the Third Front were interacting with press. Yechury was asked a question regarding 2G and Raja. He commented jokingly that UPA had one Raja i.e. A Raja, whom he described as Autocrat Raja, whereas Third Front too has one Raja i.e. D Raja and it stands for Democratic Raja. All the scribes present laughed.


While the drama in Karnataka was at its peak and all the central leaders of the BJP were busy reaching a perfect solution, Arun Jaitley asked an advisor of Rajnath Singh to find out the solution from his astrologer. It may seem strange but very few people know that Yeddyurappa, his principal rival Anant Kumar and many other leaders, including that advisor, take advice from the same astrologer.

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