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Sonia’s Herald Headache

Updated: December 18, 2015 12:31 pm

What you are shouting Sonia Gandhi inside and outside Parliament the whole nation is listening. And Smt Gandhi you yourself have delivered a candid speech on the importance of Indian Constitution during the ongoing winter session. And Madam you have also reminded the citizens of the country that you are the daughter-in-law of Smt Indira Gandhi. It is also in the memory of Indian public your renunciation for the post of Prime Ministership when Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of India. And the nation has not forgotten how you charged Narendra Modi with Maut Ka Saudagar. And now the whole nation knows that you are hell bent on crowning the leadership of INC to your lovable son Rahul Gandhi. The people of this country know that your son-in-law Robert Vadhra is allegedly involved in multi-crore land scams in different states. Madam you are very fortunate to have many loyal leaders of Gandhi-dynasty like Motilal Vora, Oscar Fernandes, Suman Dubey, Satya Gangaram (Sam) Pitroda. Last week, a very senior leader and former minister offered his slippers by holding them in his hands to Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Chennai. Madam you are one of the richest political leaders of our great country. Last but not least, history will never forget and forgive your mother-in-law Indira Gandhi for imposing Dark Days of Emergency in this country. What else you expect Madam President of INC from this country? I think your last wish would be to install the statue of Rahul Gandhi by building a Congress Temple, and that is not a big deal Madam. After all, India is a great nation to accommodate one and all. Indians are more tolerant in compare to all secular nations of the world. Like the crores of people have a strong belief in the rich culture of this country, crores of people also have deep faith in INC, as one of its great inheritors was Mahatma Gandhi. It takes time, in fact, decades for the countrymen to understand what Congress party is all about. And corruption! Oh God, it’s better not to discuss! It is anybody’s guess now that Congress is synonymous with Corruption, and history has records. So, Madam being president of the oldest political party, it would be your moral high standard to fight the latest National Herald case in the court, otherwise it would cast unflattering light on the party.

During UPA-2, when the NDA was instrumental in the disruption of the House proceedings, then many Congress pundits were advising not to waste public money. It’s now your turn Madam. Mind it, nation is witnessing the unruly opposition. The Herald case must be fight in the court as you respect our Constitution. You and your party leaders must respect the court summons and explore the legal avenues to defend. Come on Madam! How come you, Rahul Gandhi, Oscar Fernandes and Motilala Vora (Treasurer of INC) brought the assets of National Herald under a company? You are answerable before the nation as you four are senior functionaries of INC. How can you bail out National Herald like this? You are trying to fight the court of law on a political battlefield. You are trying to divert the attention from the Parliament proceedings in the name of politics of vendetta. Parliament is the temple of democracy and it should not affect, because your esteemed dynasty is affected. There are many instances that the UPA government had misused the office to corner the opposition for political gains. During the long Congress rule, the autonomous bodies of the government were allegedly misused many times. If Madam you feel Dr Swami and PMO are linked in the process of defaming you, then you must not make it an issue that would affect the Parliament and the nation. This is a personnel case of yours along with your son and your loyal treasurer of INC. The Representation of the People Act, 1950, does not allow a political party to give a loan, so how did the Congress party offer a loan to Associated Journal’s Limited (AJL)? Nehru had established the National Herald newspaper in 1938, which was published by the Associated Journals Limited, a Section 25 company. The company owns prime real estate in various cities, including Delhi and Mumbai. In 2008, due to loss, AJL stopped publishing. So, the Congress gave unsecured and interest-free loan to the company till 2010. At the end of March 2009, AJL’s unsecured debt stood at 78.2 crore and by the end of March 2010, it had risen to Rs. 89.67 crore. Despite having huge property, the AJL company did not repay the Congress loan. Motilal Vora has been Chairman of AJL since March 22, 2002. One company named Young India was incorporated in 2010 under Section 25, in which Suman Dubey and Satya Gangaram (Sam) Pitroda are directors. On December 13, 2010, Rahul Gandhi was appointed director of Young India. On January 22, 2011, Sonia Gandhi joined the board as director along with Motilal Vora and Oscar Fernandes. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have individual share holding of 38 per cent each in the company. Vora and Fernandes hold the remaining 24 per cent in equal parts. In 2010, the AICC decided to assign AJL’s nearly 90-crore debt to Young Indian. Thus, Young Indian became the new owner of the debt on the books of AJL, which was originally due to AICC. In December 2010, AJL transferred its entire equity to Young Indian in lieu of AJL owning its 90-crore debt. Young Indian paid Rs 40 lakh for this acquisition. Now the acquisition of Young Indian has been questioned in the court.

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