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Sonia The Saviour

Updated: October 8, 2015 7:15 am

THIS Bachao-ing business is getting too bizarre for this bird-brain. When it began with the clarion call “Sonia Lao, Desh Bachao” it was understandable, because this Desh of ours, this Swa-desh, cannot be saved but by an Italian import. So Sonia the saviour went ahead with what was child’s play for her, and achieved a spectacular result. She single-handedly brought down the number of parliamentary wins from 400 to a spectacular 40. What does this show? It shows that so far as quality leadership is concerned, Sonia is an outstanding achiever, albeit in reverse gear.

But then, why this call “Sonia again Lao for just one more year, Congress Bachao? For that is what it means when the other day the party gave her a year’s extension as party president – which, it curiously claims, is needed for completing the party’s internal election. Election within the Congress party? Since when did the Congress need it? When was the last time an election was held for the post of party president? And if forgetful Satiricus’s memory serves him right (or wretchedly wrong), the Congress constitution requires that half of the working committee’s 25 members have to be elected, but during the last 45 years this election was held only twice – when the party president was not a Nehru-Gandhi.

Why? Because, as a Congress leader wisely said, “When everything is running so smoothly, why go in for election?” Why indeed! The secular god is in his heaven and all is well with the dynastically democratic Congress. So Satiricus quite agrees with this Congress leader that, after taking the Congress from 400 to 40, Soniaji should have the authority to take it from 40 to 4.

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