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Sonia Gandhi Unhappy With NDMA?

Updated: August 10, 2013 1:19 pm

The chinks in the ability of the much-vaunted Natural Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in coping with the disastrous situation in Uttarakhand showed up with, unfortunately, tragic results in loss of human lives, displacement of thousands of pilgrims, who had gone to Kedarnath and Badrinath, and loss of property. It seems at first the NDMA officials were at a loss as to how to go about the rescue operation and preventing further loss of life and property due to avalanches.

The Vice Chairman M. Shashidhar Reddy, MLA, is said to have gone to Hyderabad where houses had collapsed and spent three days there. And without visiting the disaster-struck areas he said that over 11,000 were missing. Coming from Vice-Chairman Reddy, this figure was considered credible. But it was contradictory to the figure quoted by the state government.

It is said that Sonia Gandhi was very upset and she told Home Minister Shinde to convey her displeasure to Reddy. The knowledgeable say it does not mean that Reddy would have to quit. “The government itself is weak and tottering; it is in no position to sack anyone. And the other thing is that he is a Reddy and from Hyderabad, Congress dare not upset the state Congress unit.” So Reddy would continue to head the NDMA and it would go on handling disasters
like novices.

 When CBI Tries To Knock Down IB

The government has got into the habit of using (misusing in fact) CBI to achieve its political objectives. Anyone daring to fall out of line is made to hastily get back to the line by holding a CBI sword over the head of the “betrayer”. Recently it is said CBI was used to make Mulayam Singh Yadav relent, reappraise his policy and agree to support the Direct Food Supply Ordinance. And as per quid pro quo, CBI would give clean chit to Yadav and his son in all cases.

So, it is possible that the government has failed to understand the damage a clash between CBI and IB would cause. Both are intelligence agencies but with different roles, each is important. Possibly, CBI encouraged by the government is pinpricking the IB by trying to pin on IB’s senior officer Rajendra Kumar that he falsified an affidavit that was submitted to the court alleging that Ishrat Jahan was a member of the LeT. It was insisted by the CBI that Ishrat was a student.

The government is annoyed that its whole case against its enemy number one Narendra Modi would fall. So the IB is in the bad books. Politics of the petty kind by petty leaders has ruined every institution in the country. Now a retired senior officer in the Home Ministry has written to his present senior in the MHA saying that in the drafting of the affidavit alleging that Ishrat was a member of LeT, IB’s Rajendra Kumar was not involved.

The senior officers in the IB are however on guard, because one is never sure to what more depth this government would fall and use CBI to falsify IB’s assertion that Ishrat was a LeT member.

It is in national interest to be truthful in this matter. But the members of the government fear a complete wipe out at the next poll and fear more that if Modi takes over many of them might be in Tihar.

Would Advani Accept RSS-Brokered Role For Him Or…

The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, keen that the BJP be seen as united, after consultations with L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi, ensured that all top leaders of the party are included in various committees related to the forthcoming elections. No one has been left out and that hopes the RSS supremo
would ensure harmony in the party. At this stage, he does not want any dissension.

Advani has been made guide and mentor and would be shown the decisions of the Election Campaign Committee headed by Modi. But all committees would report to Modi, thus as one insider quipped, “Considering his age, Advaniji has been given a role apt for a Grandpa. We are happy. But let me warn, it is not in the nature of Advanji to be treated as head without any powers.”

It is generally conceded by most BJP members that “Advaniji” would outwardly abide by Bhagwat’s formula but he would along with his loyal supporters try sabotage Modi’s success. Like two rebel Bihari BJP members alleged that Ananth Kumar, who has been given very prominent role in the scheme of things agreed upon by RSS chief, is out and out Advani man and whatever be inducement he would never change his loyalty to Advani.

The first sabotage by all Modi-haters would be to prevent Yeddyurappa from joining BJP or having any poll alignment. Secondly, Advani is very friendly with Nitish Kumar, who, if the estimates are slightly right, is too willing to join anyone, even return to BJP alliance. In this, Advani could play a role.

To put it candidly, Modi cannot afford to ignore Advani but at the same time if he gives Advani too much rope, Modi could end up as his deputy.


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