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Sonamukhi/ Indian Senna

Updated: December 22, 2012 1:07 pm

Swarnamukhi, sunamukhi, sonamukhi are the different names given to Indian senna in different regions. It is the most powerful herb for the overall health of a person. Its leaves are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. Senna is said to be cathartic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and cleansing. It is one of the most powerful herbs used to treat constipation and other indigestion problems of the lower intestines. It is most effective when the condition is chronic. Senna has also been known to be able to reduce fever and is actually a common ingredient used to make sore throat remedies. The herb is most often used in powder form, drank as a tea, or taken as a supplement.

Herbs should always be gathered fresh, early in the morning when their natural oils are at the maximum. Herbal natural oils are highly volatile and the steadily increasing heat of the ascending sun depletes them.

The three life energies that senna is said to effect are kapha, vatha and pitta. Let us know the health benefits of senna :

Body pains: clean and dry the leaves of senna and then make powder and store it. Five gms of this powder with 1gm of ghee, before taking food, twice a day, reduces body ache and makes you feel better. It also helps in the digestion and eases bowel movement.


Strength to lungs: Having cold soft drinks, ice creams, cold refrigerated water, chocolates, cold and reheated foods at night will make our lungs weak by generating excess phlegm. To cure these add 3gms of sunamukhi powder to one cup of pomegranate (anar) juice and consume it twice a day. This will clean lungs and also reduce asthma.


Removes kidney stones: Add 3gms of sunamukhi powder to 150 ml of yellow cucumber seed’s juice. Consuming this twice a day will melt down stones in the kidney. It acts really on the lower part of the digestive system in the human body.


For immunity and strong body: Mix 2 gms of sunamukhi powder with one spoon honey and 250 ml of water. Consume this early morning on empty stomach. Continue this for one year to gain healthy, immune and strong body.


Laxative power: Senna infusion will give the benefits of senna’s laxative power. To prepare senna infusion start by steeping three ounces of senna leaves, one tea spoon of coriander, one tea spoon of ginger in one quart of hot water for about 15 minutes. Drink one to four table spoons at a time. This infusion is much more palatable when cold than hot. For children and elderly senna pods have much gentler effect. When preparing an infusion for children steep tree to four pods in four to five table spoons of cold water. Take one or two table spoons at a time. For adults use six to twelve pods using same amount of water.

Abdomen and chest pain: Due to the gas in the stomach chest pain occurs for many people. For this take 3gms of senna powder, one spoon of sugar candy powder and mix in a glass of water. Take this in the morning before breakfast and if necessary before dinner too. This will reduce the gas in the stomach and relieve from the pain.


Constipation: Mix rose petals powder, dry ginger, sonamukhi leaves, saindha lavan, kismiss, grind with honey to make a fine paste. Eat this leham before going to bed.

Senna is very effective for any kind of problem and it even builds up immunity in the body to fight against any infection. Every medicine (even allopathic medicines) has side effects depending on the constitution of the body. Consuming the herb on a regular basis for a long time may cause reduction in potassium levels, weight loss, loss of appetite, joint pains and muscle pains.Do consult your physician before taking any herbal preparation.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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