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Sonam apologises to Sonakshi

Updated: February 22, 2018 2:41 pm

Not that one have heard of any fight between Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha before this, yet the ladies had a brief misunderstanding recently, eventually making Sonam apologise on Twitter. It so happened that during a segment on Vogue BFF, Sonakshi happened to pass a loose remark about how she doesn’t think highly of Sonam. She said, “Once Sonam showed me a lot of attitude and I think that was kind of unnecessary.” But obviously Sonam was taken aback when she came across this comment in one of the news articles because she couldn’t recollect any such instance when she was rude to Sona. Sonam then decided to clear the air by tweeting to Sonakshi and apologising, if at all she hurt her in any way but much to her surprise, Sonakshi then replied as if nothing ever happened. Yes.. Clarifying how she didn’t mean what she said on Vogue BFF and that things are being blown out of proportion, Sonakshi said, “Aww dont be silly @sonamakapoor! We’ve all been on these shows where we are coaxed to say things we really dont wanna!!!! And then arent we used to things being blown out of proportion? Not to be taken seriously! Big hug.”

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