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Son Sai made younger sister a victim, Asaram used to rape elder

Updated: January 31, 2023 5:49 pm

Asaram has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the rape case. Only yesterday, the Sessions Court of Gujarat had heard the matter. Now in the same episode the verdict was given today. Before this, Asaram is already serving life sentence in another rape case. In such a situation, his difficulties are going to increase if he is proved guilty once again.

Additional Sessions Judge DK Soni found Asaram guilty of offences like rape, sodomy, molestation, illegal confinement, use of force to gain control, criminal intimidation. The court has acquitted six including Asaram’s wife Lakshmi, daughter Bharti, Motera Ashram officials Dhruvben Balani, Jaswantiben Chowdhary, Nirmala, and Meera for lack of evidence. Asaram’s counsel Chandrashekhar Gupta said no evidence was found against the acquitted accused.

Talking about the case, two sisters had accused Asaram and his son of rape. In which Narayan Sai has been sentenced to life imprisonment on the charge of the younger sister, while Asa Ram has been sentenced to life imprisonment on the charge of the elder sister.

After this blow now, his lawyers are going to approach the High Court. Asaram’s lawyer has said that they will challenge this decision in the High Court. It is important to understand here that till now Asaram has not got any relief from the court. In the second rape case, he is facing, his bail plea was rejected by the Supreme Court in November last year. Then it was argued on behalf of Asaram that he is old, there are many types of diseases, in such a situation he is entitled to bail. But then the court did not give him any relief and the hearing was further postponed.

81-year-old Asaram is serving a life sentence in Jodhpur jail. A rape case was registered in 2013 by a girl who became a victim of Asaram’s lust in the ashram located in Rajasthan. Asaram was presented in the court through video link. Asaram has been presented in the trial only through video conferencing. Asaram’s wife was not present in the court due to ill health and hospitalization in Surat. Due to Asaram’s daughter not reaching on time, the court had to wait to pronounce the verdict.

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