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Silent lessons of life

Updated: October 4, 2018 2:43 pm

Sometime certain a situation compels us to think that our well-wishers are maintaing a safe distance from us; friends who supports us are also detaching themselves not to continue the same relationship in the same pattern as we had in the past. Also some complex environment in our private and professional life teaches us to rethink about the meaning of life. We will certainly overcome the rough, dry patches. The divine power would also find ways to overcome bottlenecks. But alas! The most exciting lesson sometimes we forget is worthy to be printed in our scale of life is : Who , when , how , you faced it! And in fact that is the tough lesson of life. We must remember to read the attitude of people towards you when you faced it in different situations. Let others not follow you that you are really running with your life with your best judgments . I would rather say those who seriously follow on this sort of life pattern, they would always be succeeded in their life and they would always remember the silent Lessons of Life. We always forget the situation of happiness and excitement when our father had gifted us a new watch or a bicycle.. Today , though we are able to buy two cars, we are unhappy, because yesterday our neighbour has purchased a Jaguar. We must avoid to waste our time on others’ happiness, instead we should focus on becoming instrumental in bringing happiness to others by donating a gadget to a needy person or by gifting a toy or book to a poor child. There are thousands of people around us who need a helping hand for upliftment in their life. After our busy schedule, if we start thinking and focusing on positive works in society, our stress would be reduced to a considerable extent. Except God, or His divine blessings, nothing would mitigate problems in our day-to-day life. So, when we are doubly sure that only our good works, positive thinking and divine blessings would lead us towards a successful and peaceful life, then let’s stop becoming unhappy over: how people are behaving with us. Instead we should be careful that no one should be afflicted with our actions or our rough language. We should stop depending on others. We should stop our begging attitude. Then you will feel that you yourself has all solutions of your all problems. Instead of discussing our problems with others with a hope of : kind words or kind help, we should calmly finetune our own strategy. Since we are the best doctor of our body, mind and soul, likewise our own brain has the best ideas

for our own problems.


By Deepak Kumar Rath

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