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Sifting Between Canard And Reality

Updated: May 24, 2014 1:58 pm

Sources said Rs 1000 crore have been given by some corporate houses to a senior BJP leader to stop the one man who despite opposition from all political parties, the media, so-called intellectuals, liberals, Left and foreign-funded NGOs, is likely to carry his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) singly to power–meaning Narendra Modi who undertook the biggest electoral campaign in history and traversed equal to seven round the world trips to address hundreds of rallies across the country. In case, the magical number of 272 is reached, nothing much will Rs 1000 crore achieve, but if it is within the striking distance but not 272, it can play a decisive role in the selection of prime minister.

This information about the Rs 1000 crore however difficult to swallow was quite expected. The RSS top brass steam-rolled all opposition including that of LK Advani to nominate Modi as party’s candidate for prime minister. But restiveness was apparent from various statements by a few seniors including by Sushma Swaraj that indirectly attacked Modi. Now sources say that Modi might not be allowed to take the top gaddi if some within the party have a say, and they will have with them a bag of Rs 1000 crore. Many within the party are unsure of what would happen to them with Modi in control. Those who opposed him initially have reasons to be concerned. Such leaders include Murli Manohar Joshi, LK Advani and Venkaiah Naidu, and Sushma Swaraj who continues to be defiant and a host of others. They may not have anything important to do if Modi leads the BJP to substantial victory, is the speculation. Along with such a rumour the other doing the rounds is that President Rajnath Singh is most likely to be the eventual BJP PM choice. This is despite firm denials by Singh. Even if BJP does very well in Uttar Pradesh the credit cannot be fully taken by Singh and then claim the top gaddi. Modi seems to have, with his foresight, thought of such an eventuality. He has tried to avoid taking help from any of his detractors while trying to get elected his own parliamentary candidates. And to ensure he gets more number of MPs, he focussed on Uttar Pradesh which sends the largest number of MPs—80—and made his most trusted man Amit Shah in-charge of election in the state. Even at the time Shah was sent to UP, it was said that Modi wanted that credit for doing well in the state should go to his man rather than Rajnath Singh take the credit and become a potential prime minister candidate. Singh too has his Man Friday , Sudhanshu Trivedi. Trivedi acts for Singh just like Shah does for Modi.

What makes one suspect about the whole Rs 1000 crore story and Singh easing himself into the top gaddi is the iteration repeatedly made by him that it is Modi and not him, who is the chosen name. But whoever floated the story about the moneybag and Singh’s alleged move to be prime minister mention three Singh’s moves as proof. First Singh’s confidant Trivedi welcomed Janata Dal (U) Rajya Sabha member Shabir Ali into the BJP after clearance from Singh but it fell through when Modi supporters objected to Ali’s entry. Then, Singh took on MNS chief Raj Thackeray after the MNS said it would support Modi for the PM’s post. Singh said they didn’t need the MNS. Thackeray snapped back that his support was for Modi and not for Singh. Third, Singh has said he would not be part of a Modi government should there be one.

Reports are that Singh apparently counts on support from Uttar Pradesh politicians like Amar Singh, Mulayam Singh Yadav and even Mayawati to stop Modi. But most reliable insiders rubbished such canards spread by a few top BJP seniors who find themselves too weak to trip Modi.

Shah has reportedly worked through the police and intelligence networks in Gujarat and he did the same in Uttar Pradesh. He ignored the BJP network and spent days with intelligence officers and policemen friendly to the party. The weak links were weeded out, troublemakers warned to fall in line and solid Modi supporters rewarded.

Selection of candidates too was based on what the intelligence men told Shah. Modi expects 50 seats. Such lies are mostly the brainchild of a few BJP seniors who are staging last attempts to keep their bête-noire. But que sera sera—what will be, will be. May 16 will tell us.

Mystery Behind Escalating Modi-Priyanka Verbal Duel

Narendra Modi dared enter the Amethi constituency, considered by the Gandhis to be their fiefdom, and also broke the convention of one party leader not going to another party leader’s bastion and after all that he spoke most disparagingly about the Gandhi’s record of development in the area. This was something which would have irked the Gandhis. But they would have reacted in more political terms rather than using words which would be considered somewhat un-parliamentary.

The reason of why the Gandhis and in particular Priyanka were alarmed was the enthusiastic response of the fairly large gathering. It seemed to wholeheartedly agree to all the criticisms heaped by Modi. The result, Priyanka chose words that gave Modi the opportunity to twist those words and counter-attack.

Priyanka was obviously nervous. Shortly after Modi finished his address in Amethi, Priyanka, who had already left for New Delhi, said, “Amethi ki dharti pe mere shaheed pitaa ka apmaan kiya hai. Amethi ki janta is harkat ko kabhi maaf nahi karegi. Inki neech rajniti ka jawaab mere booth ke karyakarta denge. Amethi ke ek ek booth se jawaab aayega. “(The BJP has shown disrespect to my martyred father on his home ground Amethi. The people of Amethi will never forgive this insult. My workers will respond to their low-level of politics. The answer will be there for all to see from every single booth in Amethi.)

Modi speaking at Dumariyaganj replied to Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘neech rajniti’ remarks targeting him. Modi tweeted: “In social order I belong to a lower caste therefore my politics will be of lower class in their perception.

“It is possible that some do not see that the sacrifices, contributions and courage of the lower caste that forms the foundation for the country to attain high stature.”

The height neech politics attained in the last 60 years has to be freed from the bad administration and vote-bank politics. (If we can free it) Motherland will wipe the tears of the people.

“It is the neech politics that has the strength to give the Motherland a position in the countries of the world as a united and powerful nation.”

Hopefully, Priyanka would choose words carefully if she and her brother go to Varanasi to avenge the damage caused by Modi’s foray into Amethi.

Enigmatic Sparring Between Mamta And Modi

BJP seniors don’t quite know what to make of Modi’s recent attacks on Mamata Banerjee. Mamata is only the second chief minister Modi has personally taken on—Nitish Kumar was the first.

But while Kumar is not likely to have many seats to play with, Mamata could have a big chunk. She then becomes important in the numbers game. Therefore, some BJP seniors wonder if the Modi-Mamata spat means something else entirely. Speculation is that once the election is over the two could join in the formation of the government.

It would be home-coming for the Didi.

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