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Showcase of Gujarat’s Development through Tradition, Talent & Trade

By Madhuri Shukla
Updated: February 26, 2020 12:33 pm

No Shaheen Bagh nor any talks on protest, only serious business. Thanks to people of Gujarat and visionary Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.


Vijaybhai Rupani may not be a popular leader in our country but he has been successfully running the state government for more than 3.5 years in Gujarat now. The functioning has been pretty smooth sans any big controversy. Selfless a true disciplined soldier of BJP, he is serving people of Gujarat tirelessly. He never compares himself with any big or small leaders. During the 17th LokSabha election Rupani worked hard and all seats were won by BJP, however, he has never claimed that under his leadership, BJP won all 26 seats. During Delhi Assembly Election, he addressed more than 20 public meetings. It is true that wave was in favour of Arvind Kejriwal who offered power and water supply to Delhiites for free and this freebee deal worked out successfully and made him a political hero. But Rupani’s gave all in his power to support BJP.

In politics, Rupani is a media shy politician, never tried to en-cash his achievements. But under his leadership, Gujarat has done remarkable progress. In certain key sectors, Gujarat ranks top or is in the top  five.  According to NITI Ayog, Gujarat is the best state in water management for the third consecutive year. Gujarat has not only conserved additional 23 lakh cubic feet water through Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan, but also ensured supply of water to 160 cities and more than 10,000 villages. Six mega desalination plants will soon become a reality in the state. Water crisis is not a problem just for our country, but the entire world is worried about it. Gujarat has shown way to others that not only how to conserve water but how to save and plan it smartly. Today Gujarat is not in the category of water deficient states and  is able to supply water  to more than 10,000 village even when the yearly monsoon showers are unclear.

Across the country, Gujarat is not only leading in the power and solar sector but also in healthcare facilities provided specifically to the poor. This has drawn attention from all. Around 4 crore people have got registered under the Pradhanmantri Jan Arogya Yojna, better known as Ayushman Bharat. 8.5 lakh beneficiaries have received over 1400 crore rupees for treatment of heart, kidney, cancer and other serious ailments under this scheme. These both schemes have been become very popular amongst poor and needy people and they get benefit of it. In industry and power sector also Gujarat’s progress is praiseworthy. Gujarat is producing 10,000 Megawatt of green and sustainable energy. Gujarat is committed to produce 30,000 megawatt of green energy strategically and systematically by 2025.

Gujarat was already known as a solar power hub, when Narendra Modi was Chief Minister, he took the state at new heights in all sectors while Rupani continuously makes sincere efforts to carry forward programmes and schemes which Modi had started. Currently, Gujarat is generate 600 megawatt electricity which covers 2 lakh households. Target is to produce 1600 Megawatt electricity and cover 8 lakh more household. Gujarat is a leading state in India in implementation of the Solar Rooftop Scheme. The electricity consumers are now becoming electricity generators. Provision of Rs.1000 crores has also been made by State Government for Solar Rooftop Scheme.

Gujarat is also most preferred Investment Destination in country. Gujarat received more than double FDIs in the first 6 months of the financial year 2019-20 compared to the last financial year (2018-19). The State is also No. 1 in start-ups in India with 43% of 150 funded start-ups of the country. Due to Ease of doing business, large Industries are flourishing in Gujarat with 51% share of IEMs of the entire nation. Due to major boost by government, 4,83,366 MSMEs have been established in the state in last 3 years.

It is also highlighted that Gujarat accounted for 20% in the total exports of the country in the financial year 2018-19. While investment projects worth more than Rs.1.09 lakh crores have been set-up in Gujarat out of the total projects worth Rs.5.47 lakh crores across the country in the last 3 years. Gujarat is a hot favorite state for industrialists.

Gujarat has also popularized Vibrant Summits amongst other states. 66% of total MoUs singed during previous summit have been successfully implemented, which shows the real success of Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Last edition was so successful that worth Rs.1.50 lakh crores  projects were implemented  within only 50 days of Vibrant Gujarat 2019 event.

Not in industry and other sectors but in unemployment too, Gujarat is  the lowest in the whole country as well as comparable to developed countries.

In spite of known for industrial developed state, Gujarat has also created infrastructure to attract national and international tourists like statue of unity, tent city in Kutch festival, kite and Navratri festivals etc. Not only foreign tourists but diplomats also visit during these festivals. Now Gujarat is becoming more powerful through tradition, talent and trade.

So definitely, Gujarat is a developed and advanced state, all thanks to the hardworking innovative people of the state and the able leadership of Rupani which maintains the law and order condition far better than the rest of country. No Shaheen Bagh can occur in Gujarat as people do not interfere in politics or government functioning. They only focus on how to develop their business and contribute to the society and state. Therefore, Gujarat is ahead than other states.


By Madhuri Shukla


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