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Shop Via #Tweet

Updated: May 24, 2014 2:14 pm

Amazon and Twitter have broken all the barriers in shopping with their unique and exciting way to shop via tweet

Twitterites got a new style of shopping through the online megastore Amazon. Amazon has launched a new feature on Twitter that will allow the twitterites to shop with just a tweet. Users can now reply to any tweet with an Amazon product link—including those posted by the official Amazon twitter account, Amazon’s affiliates or sellers—with the hashtag #AmazonCart in the US—or #AmazonBasket in the UK. The idea itself is a unique branding technique used by Amazon and with its partnership with Twitter, online shopping has gone to another level.

The process of addition of products via your Twitter account is very simple. First of all users need to connect their Amazon and Twitter accounts to use the service. And then when a customer discovers a tweet from their favourite artist, expert, brand, or friend with an Amazon product link, they simply add #AmazonCart to their reply on Twitter and the product is added to their Amazon shopping cart. The next time you visit Amazon via website or mobile application, the item will be in your cart, and you can then complete the purchase.

If it trends on the social networking website then Amazon will be greatly benefited. Users could tweet their intentions to purchase things that will provide some free social-media publicity to Amazon, Twitter, and the businesses using the services to sell their goods. There would have to be a lot of tweet-related shopping for Amazon to feel a difference. On the other hand, Twitter is not getting a cut of the sales revenue in this partnership, however, Twitter may benefit if Amazon vendors and affiliates find it more worthwhile to advertise Amazon links via promoted tweets. The partnership certainly points to Twitter’s efforts to make the platform more commerce friendly, and it is focusing on ways to eventually make commerce revenue generating for the company.


By Rohan Pal      

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