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Shining Star

Updated: February 27, 2010 12:48 pm

Paintings are the expressions of an artist. Some touch the hearts and leave an indelible impact. So do the paintings of Arshi Ahmed, 29 year-old bachelorette. Whatever needed to be an artist she has all. Born in royal Mughal family was reason enough for her to take art as a profession. “In every sort of art out there to be a story to tell. It could be the inspiration that led to that craft from nature, surroundings, travelling or a story that has been heard and wanting to pass it along or simply just an emotion,” said Arshi while talking to Uday India.

            Being bachelorette has its own advantages—one is independent enough to manage the schedules in its own way. But Arshi is always busy with her exhibition schedules, therefore, hardly finds time for her family. Still she tries to take out some quality time to spend with her five-year-old niece Madiha.

            Blend of painter, sculptor, gallery owner and also an interior decorator, this young artist is known for her remarkable treatment of acrylic colour teamed with restrained strokes, and basic depiction makes her creation etched in one’s mind. She has always stayed away from bold colours but now want to lay her hands on the same. Abstract art form was always her forte but when came in contact with Naresh Kapuria, she felt the essence of contemporary art as well. “When Naresh Kapuria saw my paintings he was highly impressed by my artwork and offered me to work with him. And when two artists work together, some great work comes out,” says Arshi.

            Each period in India was characterised by special features in painting and architecture. Indian artists were primarily concerned with the philosophical aspect of their visual expression. Ancient Indian art is full of creativity and cultural expression. Symbols were used as tools of artistic expression to visualise abstract ideas and diverse philosophy.

            “I am more inspired by the work done from 16th to 18th century by the Mughals. It had a distinctive blend of Indian, Islamic and Persian styles. Mughal painting is a particular style of Indian painting, generally confined to miniatures as book illustrations. Moreover I am also fascinated by the art of Khajuraho temples. Walking in these temples was the most memorable moments of my life till date. In ancient Indian art, symbolism is of great value. Indian art is also unique in terms of its varied metaphors, symbols of Gods, Goddesses, philosophies and visual imagery,” adds Arshi.

            Her abstract paintings wonderfully represent her imagination and make her a shining star in the galaxy of Indian art world. When one digs deep to find out her best creation amongst innumerous number of paintings, it would be a difficult task to select just a few.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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