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Sheila Dikshit  to rescue Congress or Rahul?

Updated: July 28, 2016 12:04 pm

It came as a surprise to most. A visibly tired-looking Sheila Dikshit was named Congress’s chief minister nominee for UP. Priyanka Gandhi who is also likely to lead the party’s campaign in the state is reported to have persuaded Dikshit to enter the fray.

Her selection has the approval of Prashant Kishore, the strategist for UP polls for the Congress. But a local party leader said if they wanted a genuine Brahmin, there were a plenty of them. People know that Dikshit is a Punjabi Khatri, and acquired the sheen of a Brahmin when she got married. And her father-in-law Uma Shankar Dikshit last held a public position in mid-80s. Wonder if the new generation of voters ever heard of him. Secondly, voters did not seem to be much enthused about Rita Bahuguna, a genuine pedigreed Brahmin. The poor lady would be incensed to learn that local leaders believe she has been brought in to be scapegoat for Rahul. And Priyanka! Is it that even after these ladies have been brought in, the locals feel  the party will get a thrashing at the hustings?

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