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Shame On Our Serial Corrupt Politicians!

Updated: November 3, 2012 2:35 pm

There was a time when India was known by its great leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhiji, Sardar Patel and many more. But now our new generation knows our political leaders like A Raja, Kalmadi, Salman Khurshid, Bangaru Laxman and many more. The list of corrupt leaders is so long that it cannot be accommodated here. The soul of the country is being afflicted with several cuts in the forms of scams and corruption charges each day. Going by the media reports and 24 hour news channels we feel as if nothing is happening in this country except corruption. The idiot box is full of negative news, corruption, yellow journalism and entertainment. There is a mad race among the politicians being involved in huge amount of corruption cases. I was just chatting with a businessman the other day, discussing the amount his class would be donating to the Congress and the BJP in the forthcoming assembly elections. I was surprised to know that approximately Rs 100 crore would be spent both by the Congress and the BJP for electioneering in Himachal Pradesh alone. Where is the money coming from? The politicians are first looting our exchequer when they govern and then collect a huge amount from private business industries. Against this backdrop, it is worth asking: Have the Indian voters become so corrupt to voting for cash? Or the stale British system needs a massive reformation now? Congress leader Digvijay Singh says that the political families of one political party should not sling mud on another political family. They should refrain from it. Because, he says, if the BJP would expose son-in-law of Smt Sonia Gandhi, Mr Vadra, then the Congress would expose Mr Ranjan Bhattacharya, close to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and also expose the offsprings of Mr LK Advani. Wah! What a shameless political class India breeds now. Digvijay Singh says that political parties should complement each other and protect each other by sacrificing our national interest, it is all what one understands. Earlier Congress was famous for hounding our national resources but now many BJP leaders have also joined the race. Many regional parties in India are sustaining on the basis of black money and corruption. Both the givers and takers of corrupt money should be blamed specially in election states and we need a serious reformation in the system for good governance.

Although Arvind Kejriwal levelled charges against BJP President Nitin Gadkari on October 17, they did not seem to be carrying as much seriousness as they did against Robert Vadra. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act were being examined. He said unambiguous definition for the term “corruption”, covering both the supply and demand sides, was being sought to be provided. “Consensual bribery and corporate failure to prevent bribery as a new offence would be taken care of in the proposed amendments under consideration,” he said while addressing the 19th conference of CBI and State Anti Corruption Bureaux-2012. The Prime Minister sought to shift the blame for corruption from the political class, which is seen to be at the root of the problem, to the private sector which, as he put it, is behind big-ticket bribe-giving. The PM’s argument appears to be that if big businessman wasn’t ready to give bribes in order to secure favours for itself, the climate of corruption that pervades the country today would cease to exist. In fact, in the proposed amendments under consideration, we should severely restrict the definition of corruption so that our politicians are not demoralised by what constitute their day-to-day actions. Consensual bribery should be legalised and should not be considered as a corrupt practice at all! The amount involved in the Vadra-DLF transaction is peanuts compared to the amounts involved in 2G and Coalgate but its importance lies in being symptomatic of how the ruling class has almost legalised crony capitalism and made impenetrable structures which further its interests. So, if there was ever a time when the Congress can be fully exposed for the unending corruption they have unleashed on India, it is no. The very fact that Congressmen and women have gone overboard to proclaim Mr Vadra’s presumed innocence shows the depth of his involvement with the politics and the murkiness in the deals. Politicians have used their power at the expense of others and they have created victims all around. There’s a sense of grievance everywhere—from land losers to displaced tribals, to business players losing out on opportunities due to crony capitalism, to ordinary men forced to give bribes at government offices, to disabled people failing to receive equipment due to them. What is rattling the Indian people is the belligerency of the inner circle of people who become instant millionaire and billionaire through probable insider information, cheap loans, convenient regulation changes and alike benefits of being close to the power. People are feeling so hopeless in reacting to such corruption of power that they are looking for a saviour. They don’t see anyone in any present day political parties as they see them as the same wine in different labelled bottles. There needs to be emergence of a new party with the main agenda of ridding the nexus of corruption in existence. Without which India will be heading downward. That would be a shame for a country with such great potentials.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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