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Sensitive Perceptions

Updated: January 1, 2011 12:09 pm


The canoe of delightful birds, paddling across the sky,

Was a kaleidoscope of colours, gently floating by.

The yellow rising sun, cast a pageant quite spectacular,

The range of wings, a superb blend of brilliant bright colour.

The emerald green parrot with its ruby red beak,

The turquoise blue bird with a jet black streak,

A visual treat to the weary eye,

That flew with the tireless birds, just as high.

They scanned the blue expanse with a keen sense,

That spoke volumes of their exceptional patience.

But the travelling eyes fell faster than lightning,

The morbid sight of shrieking birds, so tragic and frightening.

How they struggled, they called, to no avail,

To free them, even the angels seemed to fail.

Shocked eyes stared up in dismay,

A short while ago, they too were in the fray.

The flapping wings, rising effortlessly into the air,

Were clipped to limit freedom, most unfair.

Where sky was the limit, they were now flightless,

Trapped in a golden cage, they were motionless.

In search of just a morsel they had flown,

Their zest for living had turned to stone.

Overwhelmed with sadness, they were shaken,

As night deepened, their spirit was broken.

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