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Sell Your Way To Success

Updated: June 3, 2010 10:36 am

If you want to gain success and avoid pitfalls, meet and exceed your goals, establish credibility and grow, learn the qualities of a winning professionals, then this prove to be a great help for you. The writer, an author, educator, business consultant, successful entrepreneur and a much sought-after speaker, through this book inspires people to realise their true potential. One’s selling ability determines the success or failure of any transaction. But as long as one has ones eyes on the goal, one doesn’t see obstacles. For this purpose, a change in behaviour is required and unless it happens, learning does not take place. Transformation only takes place when information is internalised. The writer maintains that one must have heard many self-made success stories, but not a self-made failure story. It’s probably because failures never accept responsibility. They will blame their education, teachers, the economy, the stars, luck or whatever.

            The profession of selling is rooted in understanding the problem and providing the right solution through the act of empathising and honest persuasion to result in a mutually profitable commercial transaction. In this backdrop, the profession of selling can be exciting and rewarding both financially and emotionally, or it can be depressing and frustrating. The book emphasises that a lot depends on a person’s attitude and how one handles success and failures. When we make a sale, we are on an emotional high. However, when we make no sales, we feel rejected and dejected. To succeed in the profession of selling, one needs to develop proven and repeated methods of selling, which can give positive results consistently. In fact, one must qualify and lead the potential customers through an effective selling process in order to result in a positive outcome.

            The writer opines that selling is both an art a science. Selling is an art because you are dealing with humans who are unpredictable. It is also an art because it takes creativity to be a good sales professional involving innovation and uniqueness with each prospect. It is a science because by following a certain series of steps, in sequence, your closing ratios and profitability of making the sale becomes much higher.

            Good professionals establish the rules of the game before they start playing the game and they ask questions in order to gain a clear understanding. It is therefore not surprising that top sales professionals in the world are ones who set targets, remain focussed and are driven by goals. In one sense, it is a cookbook. It lists the ingredients—the principles-you will need to follow to become successful, and gives you the recipe for mixing them in the correct proportions. Above all, this is a guidebook—a step-by-step, “how-to” book that can help you turn dreams into realities. The book helps you establish new goals, develop a new sense of purpose, and generate new ideas about yourself and your future. In a nutshell, good professionals learn the trade, and that is what the book teaches.

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By Niharika

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