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Secularism Betrayed

Updated: November 29, 2014 6:00 am

SECULAR Satiricus is shocked. Here was Soniaji’s comrade-in-arms the Shahi Imam valiantly striving to acquire international status for Indian secularism, and what does she do? She backs out from the Imam’s invite, and thus betrays secularism. The invite was for the Imam’s son’s anointment that has also been described by the media as “coronation”. On receiving the glad tiding Satiricus had happily thought now there is a crown prince for India that is Darul Islam. True, the electoral battle Sonia and Shahi joined hands to fight was lost, but that only meant the fiendish forces of Modi the Menace had to be vanquished by forging a united international alliance of progressive secularists. And who could be a better ally in this war on cursed communalism than the prime minister of pak Pakistan? So naturally it was in the fitness of all things secular that this Indian Imam did not invite India’s communal prime minister but invited Pakistan’s pious prime minister.

But is the Pak PM pak enough? That is the question. Maybe the Shahi Imam erred in inviting him despite the present Pak government not being pak enough to be secular enough, at least by high Indian standards. Why would the Taliban of Pakistan wage war on the government of Pakistan? Even beyond that, why would a whole lot of Pakistani Taliban leaders go and join ISIS because, in their carefully considered opinion, even their Taliban was not as pak as Sharia required? The only possible, pious answer to that is that even the Shahi Imam may have fallen short of Sonia’s Sharia secularism.

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