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Secrets of Successful life

Updated: December 14, 2018 10:57 am

According to Jainism, no single, specific statement can describe the nature of existence and the absolute truth.  Anekanta states that the ultimate truth and reality is complex and has multiple aspects.  As we know life is very complex and nothing is permanent in our life. This is the universal truth of life that everything in this world is comes in pair. Like happiness and sorrow, life and death, loss and gain and even the chromosomes or our gene that determined the gender and  our existence of survival are  also come in pair. If we respect the nature and follow the rule of this nature we will always become happy and steady. The true follower of anekanta follow the same rule. Every coin has two sides, every situation has two prospective, but we only want the good side, that is not possible. In today’s world we want only happiness, gains, praises but forgot about the opposites of these things.  If a man want to live a happy, poised, motivated and strong life he has to cop up with all situations and become a true follower of anekanta.

Equality and balance, these two are the most important things of our life, Even anekanta also states the same thing. In this materialistic world we have to balance all the aspects of our life. We have to balance our personal and professional life and we have to spend equal time and concern to both of them. As we know if there is positive then surely negative is also there. Both positive and negative balance each other. According  to science if there is a positive charge then negative charge is also there both attracts each other, both of them balance each other. So, why we humans can’t understand that we have to face all situations in our life whether it is positive or negative. If we understand this rule our life has become so smooth.

In this world one alone cannot do an entire thing, its man’s nature to overgrow only one thing. If a man thinks that sorrow is the dominant part of his life then he never cop up with this stress and became stressed for whole life, because he overemphasize on one issue and neglect the happiness. So, we have to go parallel with both the things.

According to anekanta, all rules are related to each other. No one is independent. Every rule and facts has its own limitations. We people always think that religion and meditation can control or remove all the problems of our life. But this is a myth only. Even religion and meditation also bound with some limitations. As we all know  we have some limitations in our life.We cannot overstretched the situations. We have to be in our limits. The main mantra or we can say slogan of anekanta is “EVERYTHING HAS ITS OWN LIMITS.”

To define this slogan I want to narrate a story. Once upon a time a group of sages were meditating in the lap of Himalayas and they all fell ill. No one can understand what happened to these sages as they all were so powerful and practicing the upper level of meditation to improve their mental health. Why they felt ill? Then sage Bhardwaj searched the reason and compiled to lord Indra that all sages fell ill due to improper nutrition. Even the greatest sages also need food and water for survival. If our physical health do not go well then our mental health is also affects. So, meditations have its own limits also. All things are interconnected to each other whether it is meditation, religionor mental and social health.

Anenkanta strongly refused the fact that everything can happen due to one thing. All things are related to each other. The conclusion or we can say the essence of this article is every meditation, every work has its own limits. Everything that is present in this world is interconnected to each other. If we can understand this thing then there is no problem in our life. To lead a successful and peaceful life we should have ability to discriminate and to understand the true and genuine facts of nature.

By Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni

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