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Science, Spiritualism and Amma

Updated: October 22, 2017 3:40 pm


Mata Amritanandamayee, an internationally famed spiritual debut from Southern India is more a social reformer and her soul is deeply involved in practising the ultimate goal of ‘Service to mankind is Service to God’. Popularly and affectionately called as Amma, she has immense love, compassion and selflessness for every human being irrespective of any cast, creed or religion. Having a huge ashram, at the bank of Arabian Sea near a small town Kollam, Kerala, Amma has established what not! Seeing is believing! When I entered in to the Ashram I felt like entering into a silent zone, with greenery all around and a peaceful environ with disciplined disciples all over.

I was fortunate to get her blessings on the occasion of her 64th birthday. The celebrations were nothing remote but an occasion to maximise the notion of gender equality, social upliftment and bringing hopes and smiles to the needy. And, perhaps that is the reason that the President of India Ramnath Kovind, many senior Union Cabinet Ministers, senior leaders from different political parties and the spiritual masters from different communities were present there. The media was beaming the unique activities going on there, where a long queue of common man were standing to receive the Divine blessings from the Divine Soul, a real Mother of All. Like an affectionate mother she hugs and kisses all the devotees and showers her blessings. Being a woman, she strongly believes that, “In God’s creation, men and women are equal. But over the centuries, the sad condition of women has not significantly improved. Women, who give birth to the humankind, should be assured of an equal role in the society”.

Yes, indeed a noble thought and in every sense of the thought, she is involved in the empowerment of the women through series of welfare schemes, skilled training, education and helping in eradication of social evils directed against women. Over more than four decades, her vision for the women has created a monumental impact —the sweeping social change and unimaginable empowerment, a paradigm shift in India and abroad. Internationally renowned actress Sharon Stone says that: “Amma is my friend and mentor and she is a delightful, kind and thoughtful woman who has given herself for the betterment of others”. India is not great because of its huge landmass and population, but India is great because of birth of such great souls like Amma, who have great spiritual powers and who always consider the whole world as one family.

Though the advent of science has brought many changes to human lives, but Amma thinks that spiritualism will always play a vital role in human life. As she believes that science is only focused on the external world, spirituality is focussed on the inner world, the discovery of inner peace, contentment, compassion and love. In an interview to a media house, Amma says, “there will never come a time when spirituality and its solutions become irrelevant.” Amma through her work has proved that the essence of spiritualism is the only key for the upliftment of the downtrodden. Through her works she has time and again proved that she is very much selfless person and has pure thought in her mind and always advocates for following up positive thinking. Her relentless service to the humanity is uncountable in protecting and preserving Indian culture, tradition and essence of religion in India and abroad.

In Kerala, specially, Amma’s good work has reached every nook and cranny of the society, where even the government agencies have failed to reach. Many people in Kerala worships her as the messenger of God, who look after them who can never thought to receive the advantages of science and technology for their livelihood and well being. After my visit to her I could feel that only because of her spiritual power and vision for the upliftment of the society, Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism is surviving in Kerala. Otherwise, the speed in which the jihadi elements are cropping up in Kerala, another Pakistan would have been created in Kerala long time ago. India is proud of you Amma.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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