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Scholarly Cogent Observations

By Ashok Kumar
Updated: October 19, 2019 11:48 am

This is an honorary volume brought in honour of Prof. Manjappa D. Hosamane, former vice-chancellor of Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University. The volume is edited by renowned Political Economy Scientist and a Sahitya Academy Awardee Prof. Muzaffar. H. Assadi of University of Mysore. The volume consists of two sections, the first part deals with Industry, Finance and Banking and the second focusing on Agriculture, Environment and Labour.

Most of the articles contributed to this book represent the liberal tradition. Even they reflected the larger concern of scholars afflicting the communities or the social categories in and around their localities. They are also concerned about the way the public policies are dislocating the local communities, including the fact  that they are concerned about how migration has become a major phenomenon in recent past. Contributions also reflected the debated emerging in the discipline of economics in the western world. Each contribution is unique as they try to address diverse issues from their perspective.

The first article on “Fallacies in IS-MP Curve Model to Explain Monetary Policy effects with Special Reference to Federal Reserve”  deals with an interesting debate on intermediate macroeconomics textbook which dealt on IS-LM curve model. This model was used to interpret the consequences of changes in money supply of an economy-shift would bring in general equilibrium point which will  move to the situation where interest rate is lower and GDP is higher.

Younos Vakil Alroaia’s article makes an interesting reading. He argues that economic success of any nation now calls for two things: effective export assistance is to improve their competitiveness in the global market, secondly, help in overcoming the obstacle or bottlenecks in the globalised economy. Another interesting articleis on the issue of Mysore Brand, which argues on “Ance or Backwaters: The case of Mysore Industries” that the legacy of Mysore, which represented host state-owned enterprises namely, Mysore Lamp Works Ltd., Mysore Paper Mills Ltd., Mysore Cement Ltd., and Mysore Petrochemicals Ltd., but no more represent flourishing empire of “Mysore Estate” in recent past.

The article “Innovative Business Solutions Using Big Data Analytics–An Empirical Analysis on Retail Customer Behaviour” reveals that the retail industry is experiencing major challenges in recent past mainly due to changes in market structure, change in customer behaviour, product differentiation and price discrimination. Niranjan R.’s article focuses on the debate on dynamics of industrial growth in financial integration in India.

Put together, the volume consists of thirteen well researched empirical works, contributed by renowned economists, political scientists and analysts from renowned institutions, universities and industry. The volume is a blend of contributions from academia and industry which will cater to the needs of students and researchers of Economics, Finance and Political Science disciplines.

By Ashok Kumar


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