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Scars of Valley Violence

Updated: July 28, 2016 12:18 pm

The Kashmir Valley is on the boil after Burhan Wani, a terrorist, was eliminated. In view of the kind of violent protests in Kashmir and injuries on the security forces side climbing to 1671, injuries of 1948 violent protesters is minuscule. Had it been any other country, the number would have been much higher, not because of more lethal means would have been used, but because of the nature of violence in protests being witnessed. Terrorists are using protesters as shield and lobbing grenades, this fact has been hidden from public by the so-called secular media. Also, Pakistan and other terrorist sympathisers have been exposed of complicity in funding the stone-throwers. Nobody of the ‘secular’ media speaks about innocent security personnel performing their duties, safeguarding the national interest at the cost of their own lives and no fault of theirs! What is expected of them? Restraint? When these brave soldiers face these people, who are pelting stones and grenades as well, in such conditions, how is it expected that a soldier will not retaliate? Why is the ‘secular’ media in this country not supporting the soldiers? Why do they not condemn the stone-pelters? It has become a fashion to defend violence by anyone who is not a Hindu. Whatever is the so-called ‘rage’ of violence in first place is condemnable. Is stone-pelting innocuous? Tomorrow for every incident, should this nation behave like this? Do we start pelting stones for Hindus killed in Bangladesh? It is equally important to understand that there are many in this country, for whom it has almost become a business proposition to justify all this. They simply hate well being of this country and will go to any extent to disparage it. These arm-chair worthies do not bother about either the soldier who defends them or the nation that feeds them. Any other nation would simply put these worthies in place, but because we are India and non-violent and tolerant, these worthies go about shamelessly with their condemnable business. We all are quite surprised on the reaction of Kashmiri people on how they made a terrorist their hero. We have people like Shah Faisal, the first Kashmiri to top the Indian Civil Services Examination, in the same valley who has been inspiring the youth to get educated and, on the other hand, we have people like Burhan Wani.

A society gets the police (or security) force it requires. In a peaceful society, the police would generally be more passive, and army does not even come into law enforcement. But in a society, whose sole aim in life is terrorism, the police would have to resort to strong arm tactics and the army would have to come out of their barracks. Those who are resorting to violence against the security forces in the Valley have been repeatedly proving themselves to be back-stabbers. They did not find it demeaning to take help from security forces when their whole Valley was flooded. Yet shamelessly they started attacking the security forces when the life improved. The so-called secular media has been supporting Kashmiri separatists for quite some time. It would be nice to know if any of these media barons have their own kith and kin in any security force. Most likely no, because for these media barons, they have made their money and now can support any anti-national activity to claim their status of ‘intellectual’. This is not an easy job to control a violent crowd, but it is the duty of the security forces to do so by causing as little injury as possible. So, how to strike a balance between two extremely conflicting situations in the course of discharging one’s duty? The law enforcers, who are conscious of the procedures for crowd control, must have been driven to the last resort. Those who instigated violence and participated in violence have to share a major part of the blame for the consequence. We have been seeing pictures of stone-pelters mercilessly attacking the security forces’ personnel and there is just a passing and obviously a grudging reference to their difficulties in facing a violent crowd, but there are reports galore, which are devoted to ensuring that such a violent crowd is treated with kids gloves even at the risk to lives and limbs of the security forces’ personnel! Let us keep the record straight. In the 2010 eruption of violence, during the four-month period of stone-pelting and arson, the number between security forces’ personnel suffered injuries and arsonists and stone-pelters got injuries was minuscule. I am sure that when this phase of violence eventually subsides, we will have similar statistics. It is disgusting to read editorials that exhort the State to cower in front of the attackers and blame the forces for perceived ‘excesses’. To support stern action against LTTE in Lanka, but to ask for ‘shoot below the knees’ in J&K is hypocrisy. For, it is simply not about controlling a crowd in a market or during a festival, it is about controlling a crowd who is trying to hit you with stones and kill you. Let us keep the record straight in an eruption.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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