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Saving Lalu Yadav

Updated: September 21, 2013 12:51 pm

The UPA government rushed through a Bill which circumvents the Supreme Court ruling that the moment a politician is convicted he is automatically debarred from politics, in an effort to save the RJD chief Lalu Yadav, in case he is convicted by the Patna High Court in the infamous fodder case. His services to Congress and his earlier proximity with and loyalty to Sonia Gandhi are being returned by the Congress. Moreover, in case intelligence reports suggest that alliance with Nitish Kumar would be the case of “I drowned and took with me my ally two.”

The Congress is aware of risks of aligning with Nitish. He is on a fast downslide and could take the Congress along with him. Whereas Lalu Yadav has ingratiated himself with voters and his electoral chances are much better. Hence this desperate effort to save him! But the judgement is expected much before the Bill becomes an Act.

So to be on the safe side is reportedly likely to appoint a working President. Many names are being considered but one thing is almost certain that Rabri Devi is out of reckoning.

Sushma: BJP’s CM Candidate?

Reliable sources confided that Sushma Swaraj, presently leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, is being considered to lead the Assembly election in Delhi this winter. She has all the credentials to be chief minister. She is a six-term Member of Parliament, three times MLA. She is a former Union Cabinet Minister of India and a former Chief Minister of Delhi (1998). She became the country’s youngest Cabinet Minister at 25 years of age in 1977.

The BJP bosses are convinced that she would trounce Sheila Dikshit. Moreover L.K. Advani trusts her most. This way she would also be reconciled to Narendra Modi be declared BJP’s nominee for prime minister.

The matter, one is told, is with the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Chastity Belts To Curb Rapes

The most secured Delhi, the Capital of India, is now the rape Capital too. A matter of shame and a severe indictment of men! The police has failed to curb the number of rape incidents, which leaves the victim traumatized for life.

Various suggestions have been outlined, including wearing an overcoat. It is the most silly one, how can women wear overcoat during almost ten months when mercury tends to soar. Another ridiculous suggestion was that a Ranbir doing all sorts of acrobatic in the name of dancing in a Reality Show should be compulsorily put on vigilantes’ watch or sent to Mamta Banerjee who would stare at him, put fear in him ridding all ungodly thoughts. Another idea is to ban chowmein or Rogan Josh (Josh is the dangerous word) from being served to men. Also ban films that show rape or passionate love scenes, which causes arousal.

The best however, sociologists agree is the devise which was invented during the Crusades—the chastity belt should now be put on men. King Arthur’s knights who went on crusades and were away from wives for months used it to ensure that their wives remained chaste through this devise.

Now in the case of rapes, the suggestion is that any man who rapes should be fitted with a chastity belt and the key be given to his wife. If he is unmarried, the key could be deposited at a police station. The courts would decide for how long a man should be forced to be a very saintly person.

Luckily such belts for men are available. A simple Google search opens up a number of sites that sell male chastity devices—items are The Cage, Watchful Mistress, Lockedinsteel and the 100% custom-made Steelwerks Chastity. This should not be viewed as a punishment. “It provides a sense of security to any couple in need of additional trust.”The Khap Panchayat members and members of Indian Team, whether they are or not of loose morals must also be made to wear the belt! It would, one, help preserve their stamina and two save them from diseases like HIV. The Delhi Police must carry these belts like they carry handcuffs.

Negative Report From Nitish Land

The media decided to compliment Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for transforming Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi-rule of ruin of Bihar. According to the media, Nitish turned out to be a Messiah who transformed Bihar from a land of despair, fear due to unbridled lawlessness, when kidnapping for ransom was passé, insecurity of women who could not dare venture out after sunset and according to some sources a stolen car was allegedly delivered back to the owner by one of the many hangers-on at Lalu’s residence making people suspect that he knew of the felony.

All this truly stopped after Nitish Kumar took over. In fact, his first five-year tenure was of peace and security and the people praised him. In his second stint despite grant of 9000 cycles to girl students and opening of schools in most villages were praised and again the media went berserk praising him. The reality on the ground was revealed when he undertook a yatra to acquaint himself of the state of people. This is when black flags and anti-slogans greeted him wherever he went. Even chairs were thrown for disarray. He suddenly thus stopped his yatra.

The reality check should then have been done by the media. But it stopped its reports, most of which are propaganda.

Dr Manmohan Singh’s Flip-Flop

The most talked about and important event last week was the rare statement by Dr Manmohan Singh in the Lok Sabha. It was said he would speak about the missing files pertaining to coal allotments when the Coal Ministry was under him. His statement was described by the friendly media as aggressive and combative.

Admittedly his voice was a few octaves above his normal delivery and he spoke a bit clearly especially when he sounded angry. But a few of his sentences sounded jarring. He forgot the age-old principle of Cabinet’s joint responsibility when he said, “I am not the custodian of files in Coal Ministry.”

A constitutional expert pointed out: “No one expected a prime minister to lock files himself or guard them. But he seems to have forgotten the basic principle that the cabinet functions on the principle of joint responsibility. Even if the files were in the custody of the Coal Ministry, that ministry had been under him for three years. The disappearance of such large number of files should have been brought to his notice both as Prime Minister and Minister of the Coal Ministry. It should have been done at least after the CBI started its inquiry.

How did Dr Singh absolve himself of the responsibility of keeping the files safe? When did he come to know about missing files? Did he order an inquiry? Were the ‘custodians’ of the files punished? These questions remain unanswered. Dr Singh must own moral responsibility for the disappearance of files. It is like destroying evidence—a punishable offence. But then Dr Singh, as Arun Shourie said, is adept at passing on his mistakes to others.

The French Tradition

A Frenchman marries for procreation, a mistress for pleasure and a few casual encounters for variety. Samjhe!

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