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Sarkar, Sangh and Aerial Refueling

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: November 6, 2022 8:25 pm

Sangh stands here for RashtriyaSwayamSewakSangh and Sarkar stands for Central Government of India. Before 2014, Sangh has suffered at the hand of Central Government many times. It has been banned on false acquisition in past. Many swayamsewaks have lost their life especially during emergency. In Karnataka, Kerala, and West Bengal many swayamsewaks have paid and continue to pay through their life and some part of the responsibility lies with the respective state governments. But in this article the focus is on Central government. It is important to note here that central government means the colonial era bureaucracy managed by NDA, a coalition of political parties in which BJP is the dominant partner with absolute majority on its own in parliament. In this background ‘BJP’ and ‘Central Government’ will be used interchangeably in this article.

Sarkar With Sangh

After 2014, while Sangh has not been at the receiving end of the central government it is important to note that it has also not benefited in any way from the central government. It is true that two of the long-term demand of Sangh has been delivered by the central government. The two were construction of Shri Ram Mandir and removal of Article 370. Shri Ram Mandir and Article 370 both were also in the manifesto of BJP. They were not the agenda of RSS alone. But on both the issues RSS had worked more than BJP in terms of ground mobilization and intellectual support.

Sarkar Without Sangh

BJP was forced to withdraw CAA and farmers bill because of lack of understanding of its members in the ideology. And it also demonstrated that if Sangh is not involved in implementation of such programs, then BJP cannot succeed on its own. It is important to mention that Sangh had no role in implementation of farmer’s bill. Farmers bill should have been managed by the government and the party members. As far as CAA goes, one just needs to recall the role of Sangh in Shri Ram Mandir and Article 370. This is the reason why opposition consistently attacks RSS; it is a different matter that those criticism have no legs to stand on.

Sarkar and Sangh

Most of the members in BJP have got nothing to do with ideology, it seems true for even some of those who have moved to BJP from Sangh. The campaign against Dipawali was led by senior members of parliament of BJP. And under their influence, some part of Sangh has given up on Dipawali and the some have joined campaign against Dipawali. Also, on many occasions the desire shown to get acceptable as modern from left, liberal cabal both by the Sangh and the Central Government has resulted in them giving away their ground. Dipawali is one of the biggest examples of this. ShaniShingnapur and Sabrimala are the other examples of the same point. Both BJP and Sangh need to do a course correction on these issues asap.

The revival and construction of mandirs under the leadership of Prime Minister is unparalleled. Under his leadership mandir is being built in Arab countries. He is a proud Hindu and celebrates all festivities as per the ritual. The fire crackers in Ayodhya during Dipawali celebration were a strong pointer in this direction. A message which somehow is ignored by his colleague in the party.

In last six years lot of steps have been taken by both Sangh and BJP to form different forums for interaction and thinking. They are excellent steps and Sangh and BJP deserve a round of applause. But this is still a work in progress. These steps need to be taken to next level. This initiative of Sangh and Sarkar will help Hindus in the long run.

Going Forward

One of the big blunders of Sangh is that it does not take governments money for its various activities. Other way to look at it is the moral strength of RSS. But practically it works as multiple blows to Hindus. Hindu pays taxes and then he is burdened by RSS. While the money thus saved by government goes for more minority appeasement. Minority does not have to spend his personal money and he becomes financial powerful while the Hindu becomes financially weaker. The saved money is also spent by the government on NGO’s which harm the cause of Hindus and India. Thus, instead of Hindus benefiting from the central government ends up being a looser. For Ram Mandir, central government did not give money, and Sangh raised the money from common Hindus; while Haj houses are built from government money. Not to forget that this happened when all the mandirs are under government control and government earns billions from them. Sangh must start taking money for its activities from central government.

Sangh’s initiative in environmental protection is a diversionary step from the Hindu cause. Sangh is the biggest proponent of the fact that government should do governments job and family, should play its role, unlike west, where this role has been reversed. When one looks at Sangh’s role in environmental protection it comes across as Sangh is pushing the western model. Environmental protection is governments job not Sangh’s. Sangh’s core competence is to work for Hindu interest.

It seems government is planning to bring population control bill. Instead of population control bill, Sangh needs to ask government to incentivize Hindus to have bigger family. Central government directly pays and aggressively incentivizes minorities to increase their population. Same should be demanded for Hindus. Hindus also need level playing field. If government brings population control bill it will keep minorities away from the preview of the bill. If government does not do it then the courts will do it. The population control bill for minority will be in contradiction to minority schemes of central governments and judgments of courts. The bill will only lead to faster shrinking of Hindu population. On the similar line BJP’s Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will be used to suppress Hindus further while keeping minorities away from it. Courts in India are anyway giving judgments based on Sharia law from last few years even if petitioner is a Muslim. In this background RSS must stop BJP for pushing Population Control Bill and UCC.

Instead of asking government to free the mandirs from its clutches, government is getting into training priests. Hindus not only defended but managed their mandirs even during the Islamic and Christian invaders. But even after 2014 they are not considered intelligent enough to manage their mandir. Central government thinks Hindus are too dumb to manage their own mandirs and they need to be trained on it. Sangh needs to push away central government from mandirs.

The Central government from 2014 stopped funding of ideological publications while the opposition pulled along a news network with advertisement support by state governments in one or two states. The difference is clear, BJP lead central government is shortsighted. They do not have long term vision. The reason for not being able to build right narrative for CAA and Farmers bill was also partially due to not having enough media conversations putting across the correct picture. It is the time to strengthen own media outlets. Sangh needs to push this long-term vision in BJP’s agenda. Sangh has the wherewithal and potential to make course correction and make the government also do the same, and I am sure it will.

Sarkar, Sangh and Aerial Refueling

The criticism above does not mean that nothing good has happened. The idea is to provide a perspective from the eyes of an outsider but die-hard supporter. Hindu society stands at brink. The current steps being taken by Sangh and Sarkar are moving at arithmetic pace while the requirements are of exponential pace. Sangh and Sarkar need to focus and concentrate all their energy on Gharwapsi. That is the only solution for a peaceful hence developed India, rest all the activities to placate minority will only backfire and the last chance for the Hindu revival will wither away.

Sangh and BJP need to work on the line of Aerial refueling. The procedure allows the receiving aircraft to remain airborne longer, extending its range. Due to refueling option receiver aircraft can take off with a greater payload which could be weapons, cargo, or personnel: the maximum takeoff weight is maintained by carrying less fuel and topping up once airborne. Aerial refueling also reduces fuel consumption on long-distance flights. BJP is the aircraft which needs midairrefueling and RSS needs to provide that fuel so that BJP keeps flying.



By Sandeep Singh

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