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Samaadhi: Highest Peak Of Yoga Practice

Updated: March 24, 2012 2:15 pm

First three shlokas of Patanjal Yoga Pradeep’s Vibhutipaad very clearly announce and define the samaadhi/super-consciousness, as follows: Deshbandhshch-Chittasya Dhaarna II 1 II; Tatra Pratyaya-ektaanta Dhyaanam II 2 II; Tadev arth-matra nirbhaasam, swaroop shoonyam ev samaadhi II 3 II.

Integration of chitta with any issue/object/thought, as per the inherited vrittis (tendencies), is called dhaarna (concentration of mind). If the focus of attention remains undettered, in this process, for long, it is called dhyaanam (meditation). If the stage of meditation continues, with a loss of sense for “material self” and “attempt to focus the attention”, only the object of contemplation remaining identified with the “self”, then it is called the stage of samaadhi (super-consciousness).

This ultimate stage of soul-consciousness is the bliss par excellence. It is on account of the fact that it is the “home-coming” for soul. As we feel, difficult to describe the ease, peace of mind and relaxation, after reaching home; irrespective of our financial status, age, sex and vocation/profession, similarly soul finds itself in great bliss and peace, when finds its natural status, in the state of “samaadhi/super-consciousness”.

Scientifically it may be illustrated that the flow of water is possible only if there is a difference in the levels of two planes, similarly migration of soul from one life to another or restless in the same life, is possible only if there is incompatible state and positioning of soul with super-soul. When these levels become same then there is no flow, no restlessness, no turbulence. It is the state of “union”/“home-coming”/“becoming one with the creator”. A state of ‘no desires’, because there is no deficiency, no incompleteness, no needs—A state of highest empowerment, beyond worldly controls, a state of full accomplishment and “total freedom”. This is the wonderful world of “spiritual accomplishment”. Such person is elevated to a level where no issues of material world can disturb him. He is only “giver” and not “taker/consumer” of commonly desired resources.

Such accomplished soul attains the power of resource and process transformation, which can help the individuals and humanity, at large. Probably it is what happened to Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Guru Nanak Dev, Maharshi Arvind, Raman Maharshi, Sai-Baba, Tirthankar Mahaveer, Mahatma Buddha, Aadi Shankaracharya, Samarth Guru Ramdas and Jesus Christ.

After reaching and experiencing this state of completeness, it is difficult to control the intense desire to remain as such, for all the times. So it becomes the “pattern of life”, “state of an accomplished yogi ”. Doing all day-to-day worldly things becomes incidental for such elevated souls. It happens on account of knowing and experiencing the ultimate truth. Unfoldment of this ultimate truth and experiencing it transform the life—a realisation of being a part of much bigger “Whole”. Hence the wholeness, completeness and a sense of real ownership prevails—a realisation, which transforms the outlook of life and redefines the purposefulness of this physical existence. How one can attain this fabulous accomplishment, should be the object and spirit of practicing yoga.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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