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Russia and Ukraine to hold fresh round of talks in Turkey today

Updated: March 28, 2022 12:00 pm

Russia and Ukraine will hold a fresh round of talks in Turkey from today. The countries will hold talks from March 28 to 30 in Turkey.

So far, both countries have held several negotiations about opening humanitarian corridors in Ukrainian cities most affected by military strikes. But, none has yielded results. The talks in Turkey, however, will be the second round of high-level talks between negotiators from both countries.

Meanwhile, the United States is continuing efforts to soften comments on Saturday from President Joe Biden, who said Russian leader Vladimir Putin“ cannot remain in power” during an impassioned speech in the Polish capital of Warsaw. Biden was there to meet Ukrainian refugees and top officials from the war-torn country for a first face-to-face since the invasion.

Top American officials, including US secretary of state Antony Blinken, have clarified that the US did not have a policy of regime change in Russia. Biden’s comments attracted much controversy, with French President Emmanuel Macron warning of a “verbal escalation”.

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