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RSS building the strong nation…politics was never on its menu

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: November 6, 2022 8:47 pm

By Deepak Kumar Rath

RSS was founded in 1925 as a socio-cultural organisation and  DrKeshavBaliramHedgewar was its first Sarsanghchalak based in Nagpur. GurujeeGolwalkar was the second Sarsanghchalak of RSS. Both were staunch patriots, were living the life of saints with high spiritual values for making the nation a Self-Reliant India with a strong adherence to its cultural moorings. The biggest social  organisation in the world, now RSS, was developed in a period of time and its growth was very much imminent. Now one is surprised to know why all the political parties are trying to blame and defame the RSS on whatever happened in our country. For example RSS was allegedly blamed for the murder of Gandhi ji without any substantial proof. But was never praised by the so called political parties, when RSS actively participated in the Freedom struggle and when RSS supported the governments at the Centre without political prejudice  whenever our nation faced any national emergency.

The RSS has played a pro-active role for building the nation brick by brick with its dedicated cadres. The organisation’s growth was not limited within Bharat but it has spread its wings outside, for the purpose of service to mankind and service to God. In its long history, the organisation has never compromised with its core values. Discipline is another aspect that is followed from the top to bottom in the organisation. The core  ideology of RSS is to strengthen Hindutva and to follow the path of Sanatan Dharma, that is eternal. One would be really astonished to see the dedication and sacrifice of its thousands of full time cadres, known as Pracharaks. RSS preaches and infuses the sense of patriotism and national moorings amongst its SwayamSevaks in daily shakhas. RSS runs shakha every day in almost every panchayats and wards of our country, where it engages its cadres to train our young children to know: What are the core ideals of Bharat and how to follow Bharatiyata. This continuous process of making good human beings with high moral values is still going on. Veterans like Syama Prasad MookerjeeBalasahebDeoras, DeenDayalUpadhya, DattopanThengde, Nana jeeDeshmukh,  Vasant Rao Oak, Jaganath Joshi and many more I can not mention here have contributed their whole life to build the organisation. The organisation has produced lakhs of selfless  SwayamSevaks  who are deeply engaged for the cause of our nation- be it in the field of strengthening our society, maintaining social harmony, strengthening Indian Education System and maintaining our year old cultural and traditional values. RSS SwayamSevaks are free to join any political parties of their own choice. RSS has produced the best brains in the field of politics, education, science, agriculture, economy, foreign affairs and social science in our country. In the spontaneous process, senior politicians like Syama Prasad Mookerjee, DeenDayalUpadhyay, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, L K Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and now Narendra Modi, are products of RSS school of thought. RSS has never imposed any thought on those senior political veterans on how to run their political party.

The BJP being a political party is independent to find its own ideology and set of principles how to run its own government, what should be the economic and foreign policies etc. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister of India, there was a common minimum program to run an alliance government and at that time the core issues of the BJP was not taken care of. During the regime of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, RSS through its sister organisations like Swadeshi JagaranManch, has many times objected to some aspects of the economic policies. In 2014, when BJP got a majority in Lok Sabha Elections, and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister,the government was then free to adopt the core issues and ideologies of the party. The concept of good governance was implemented in India under the able leadership of PM Modi. India led a rising stature at the international arena after 2014. A sense of confidence and positivity was automatically built in India due to change of the leadership. Narendra Modi who himself was a full time Pracharak of RSS understands the ideology of RSS and knows well how to make India a Vishwa Guru. Already ,the situation has changed in India. Now the world accepts India as a rising power. When countries like Britain are facing severe economic crises, India is on the right path to achieve a 5-Trillion economy and for an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

So, people who do not understand RSS, who do not have any knowledge about the activities of RSS, they sometimes try to portray a communal color to it. What ever I understand on my considered view, I can say that RSS believes in VasudhaivaKutumbakam, means the whole world as one family. RSS does not believes on the concept of the word ‘Minority or ‘Majority’. RSS has always tried to unite and integrate all the people living in this motherland and wants all to follow the thousand years of its tradition and culture that is mentioned in Sanatan Dharma. RSS has never forced anyone to adhere to any religion, as India is not a theocratic state, But it has always become a watchdog to unite the Hindus, protect and preserve Indian way of life. Hindus in India are always attacked, hundreds of temples are destroyed by Mughals. The horror images of Moplah riots are still fresh amongst the Hindus. Today also Hindus are living like second grade citizens in India. So to so, our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh pronounced that, “our minorities have the first right on our natural resources’. Both Gandhi ji and Pt. Nehru are allegedly squarely blamed for the sorry state of affairs of Hindus in India. If social organisations like RSS would not have been there in India, then nobody knows-What would have been the fate of Hindus in our own country. Continuously, the RSS has engaged itself to safeguard the sovereignty of our nation. It was the Congress party at the Centre who allowed crores of foreign money to India from the West in the name of social service, and ultimately those huge money was used to convert Hindus in parts of India, specially in the North-East. Now, thanks to PM Modi who could ban the foreign donations that were misused against our nation. The RSS has always cautioned all the incumbent governments at the Centre about the foreign agendas and agents, who relentlessly are working against the interest of our nation. In this edition, Uday India published this cover story on RSS, to create awareness about the RSS that is deeply involved in building the nation, and has nothing to do with politics.

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