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Roadmap of India for Climate Change and G20 Summit

By Viral Desai
Updated: December 17, 2022 5:49 pm

The Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in the year 2024, but the coming year i.e. the year 2023 is going to prove to be a very important and huge success year for the Modi government. Because next year India has got the opportunity to host the G-20 Summit, after which we will be able to show the whole world how India has progressed on the development roadmap and India has not only become a leader in the field of infrastructure, economics, technology, production or business, but India has become extremely capable of combating climate change. Not only that but considering the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his vision and strategy to fight against the problems of climate change, it can also be said that India is going to become a world leader in the field of climate change in the coming years.

However, it is not that we will be able to show our successes to the world only next year. The stature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become so big at the global level that the world media, which was once only interested in broadcasting India’s poverty, also noticed that India and Narendra Modi dominated the G20 Summit in Indonesia. The entire world saw this rise not only in terms of energy conservation and performance, but also from a climate action perspective, when India moved from tenth to eighth in the Climate Change Peformance Index (CCPI) rankings.

The CCPI ranking is the most important ranking for every country in the area of climate action and the survey conducted every year with strict criteria, it has been established that India is taking steps more seriously than other G20 countries in terms of environmental protection. In this CCPI report, it has been remarked that in the last eight years, India has taken very important steps in the direction of best performing greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy and has achieved similar flamboyant achievements. The report also reveals that India has performed well in comparison to other major countries of the world in terms of formulating and implementing national policies related to environmental protection.

That’s right, countries like UK and Germany, which are many times smaller than us in terms of area and population and many times ahead in technology and infrastructure, come next to us. Where the UK ranks 11th and Germany ranks 16th in the CCPI ranking. So Canada, Russia and South Korea have performed very poorly. These countries have to be mentioned here because these countries are members of G20 and the G20 member countries account for more than 75% of the world’s greenhouse gas production! At such a time, it becomes very important for these countries to be aware of Green House Gas and take measures that can give good results.

This is about the CCPI ranking. But next year, when India is hosting the entire G20, we will have many things available, which we can show the world and surprise them. News from our sources is also coming that a nationwide awareness campaign will be launched in every city and village of the country regarding energy independence and reduction of carbon emissions in view of G20. Because India has dreamed of ‘Amritkal’ and in that ‘Amritkal’ India has promised the whole world to achieve energy independence by the year 2047 and zero carbon emissions by the year 2070. At such a time, the need of the hour is to launch awareness campaigns that are appreciated by the whole world and that is why the next year will see many awareness initiatives of the Government of India in this regard.

The world will also see how a country which can be said to be developing in terms of income and education has increased its ‘green transactions’ after 2016. Finally today not only the urban areas of India, but also the rural areas have increased the usage of online banking and UPI to a very large extent. Paperless banking system as well as paperless government system is one of the unparalleled success of India in recent years. At that time we will be able to proudly show our e-Governance to the world. As such we have also adopted green energy to a much greater extent in recent years. BJP-ruled states like Gujarat had moved towards windmills and solar energy almost a decade ago. But after the formation of Narendra Modi’s government at the centre, the green energy concept reached the national level. Due to which we got good success in the direction of renewable energy. So it is natural that when the G20 leaders come to our doorstep, they will be very impressed by our achievement.

Apart from this, in this same column earlier we have discussed about ‘The India Cooling Action Plan’. ICAP is such a master stroke of our government that entire case studies will be prepared in the future that the micro-planning done on the cooling sector alone to reduce carbon emissions is unique. At the G20 next year, we will also be able to showcase ICAP in a very powerful way and show world leaders how we have micro-planned to zero carbon emissions. Apart from this, we have many other achievements in the field of environmental protection, which we would like to show.

But one thing is certain by all this statistics and reports the  anti-Modi and urban naxalites will not be very happy. On the one hand they will be trying their best to prove that Modi is communally polarizing and try to defeat him in the elections of 2024, while Modi will hit two targets with one stone by hosting the G20 in India, first by explaining to the traitors like China and Pakistan what is India’s global standing and honor. Second, by hosting this global event successfully he will also mark his majority in 2024.

By Viral Desai
( The author is a known Environmentalist and the pioneer of Satyagraha Against Pollution movement.

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