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Road To Financial Freedom

Updated: August 10, 2013 2:08 pm

In this book, the writer has shared some of the most meaningful life experiences and has unfolded various financial tools in a step-by-step method to explain a complex and most sought-after subject called financial freedom. The book is an outstanding attempt to make your dreams come true and achieve inner happiness. It touches every aspect of financial planning.

All around us, the story is the same inflation—economic mess. It does not matter whether you have a job, run a shop or are a small, medium or a big entrepreneur. Each one of us is stuck in a mindless rat race. Is there a way to come out of this race? These are some of the questions that crisscrossed the writer’s mind during his career as an electrical engineer and then as an IT professional working for some of the best companies around the globe. And thus, the book came into being.

This book takes you through the journey of how one manages to break free from the of trap financial problems and become a financially free individual. It documents the writer’s learning and experience during his rollercoaster ride of financial planning. It leads you through a journey on how one achieves one’s target. It also tells you under what circumstances one should take some specific financial decisions so that one can map them with one’s circumstances and take a decision that is more appropriate. Anyone, even an absolute novice without any knowledge about financial planning and financial freedom, can benefit from this book.

The 288-page book is divided into eight sections. In the first section, the writer deliberates on money and investments. The next section delves on some of the basic financial formulas and terminologies required to understand financial freedom. The third section covers all types of investment opportunities available in India. The fourth section deals with some of the knowledge, which the writer has acquired through wide reading and from working in different environments around the globe. The next section is intended to help readers prepare their own plan and mechanism to track their own preparations. In the sixth section, the writer tells you about safeguarding your income and cash flows from the teeth of tax. He tells you various ways to save some tax through different sections of income tax. The next section helps you decide when to call it a day to your job as you are fully confident that you have achieved your goal of financial freedom. The final section talks about the feeling and confidence it gives you once you are financially free.

The financial planning exercises in the book starts with some fundamental definitions and terms one must know. It uses illustrative examples to explain those definitions. Once a basic understanding of the financial terms is developed, the book will walk you through all the financial investment options available today in the Indian market with the relative merits and demerits of all such options. All views expressed in this book are based on writer’s personal experience and hence are illustrated with actual examples. This book is intended to bring financial literacy to the fore, besides setting the right perspective for the reader to get a broader view of things. Everyone around us is trapped in a mindless rate race. If one is resolved to take control of one’s finances and construct a personal finance plan, then this book is a good starting point.

By Ashok Kumar

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