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Rising indecent incidents in air travel

Updated: February 3, 2023 2:26 pm

Today, not only the country, people in the world are becoming violent and anarchic. The increasing influence of violence plays with the human consciousness and the person feels helpless. In these situations, insensitivity increases and life seems to be sobbing. The rise of such situations is a matter of deep concern. This concern increases and disturbs more when such incidents are seen during highly sensitive air travel. Incidents like being drunk, spitting on someone, urinating on someone or slapping someone during air travel are violations of the Aircraft Acts as well as endangering the air travel. Similar chaos erupted on an Abu Dhabi-Mumbai flight on Monday when a woman passenger punched a staff member in the face and behaved rudely after being stopped for unauthorized activity by the crew members. It has been common for passengers to molest women personnel, rude and indecent incidents during air travel. It is necessary to wash these stains and spots on the plane journey.

It cannot be gainsaid that the flight of aircraft is a very sensitive and delicate matter at every level, and any slight mistake in the same can lead to a tragic outcome or accident. Therefore, during the flight, not only on the test of safety, 100 per cent results are ensured at the technical level in the airplane, but also the activity of every person including the crew on board ensures that the journey is completely safe. The crew are given intensive training, along with discipline and decorum, they are taught to behave decently, so that the journey of the passengers is completed smoothly. And they have a pleasant experience of the journey. But due to lack of proper training of such code of conduct for the air passengers, they become undesirable and chaotic as well as violent. Despite the high quality and efficient service of the aircraft, there are written instructions for every activity inside the aircraft for new passengers. Announcements are made by the crew members and help is also given, if needed. If there is any negligence on the part of the crew, action is also taken against them. Despite all these situations, some travellers do not find it necessary to control their behaviour, and they become determined to violate their limits and dignity, which also puts air travel in danger.

It is worth mentioning here that if you are travelling by rail or by road, situations of violence and anarchy are common in them. Nowadays, while walking on the road, the mental imbalance, anger or tension of a person can be converted into violence. But generally, traveling by plane is considered safe and comfortable at every level, in which people do not face any problem. But even there the aggravation of violent and anarchic situations is a cause of concern. The irony is that sometimes the actions of a passenger himself or herself are not only unwelcome, but also put the safety of the entire aircraft in jeopardy. In the beginning of this year, there have been some incidents of drunken brawl, careless opening of an emergency door or molesting an air hostess, which can be considered to be the reason for the risk of air travel.

Hence, what goes in the roots of such indecent and violent behaviour? It has been a practice to serve alcohol in international airlines. Uncontrollable, obscene, unbalanced and aggressive behaviour of a passenger after consumption of alcohol is natural. Such behaviour leaves women workers in complicated situations. Obviously, in order to deal with such disruption at its roots, preventing the practice of serving alcohol should be the primary responsibility of the airport management. Perhaps this is the reason why now Air India has decided to change the policy of serving alcohol to passengers during its flight. In the sequence of these chaotic, obscene and aggressive incidents happening in the sky, these incidents were the cause of trouble for other passengers. Many questions have also been raised on the airlines. Of course, due to these repeated incidents and unbridled behaviour, the entire flight cannot be put in danger. As a result, it is necessary to bring strictness in the aircraft acts and laws to control them. But for real control over such incidents, the people travelling in aircraft should take care at their own level so that their journey is safe and comfortable. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which is known for its high standards of orderliness, decorum and security, should make elaborate arrangements to prevent air travel from turning chaotic.

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