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Rising Hopes

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: August 16, 2021 7:10 am

This year, the Government of India is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Independence Day as ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. India became independent from British rule on August 15, 1947. This celebration of 75 years of Independence has started from March 12, 2021, which will last for 75 weeks. Amrit Mahotsav will conclude on August 15, 2023, 78th Independence Day. Against  this backdrop, it is apt to mention that reaching the 75th year of Independence, we are now tasting the real freedom, the era of terrorism, casteism, regionalism, separatism has been washed away, political disputes of religion, language, class, varna and party interests are also being controlled. While setting the footprints of these Navnirmans, sometimes we hear from the mouth of the Prime Minister about defeating the crises like Corona epidemic and sometimes we see Modi launching the cleanliness campaign by taking a broom on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Modi sometimes makes the national language proud by giving speeches in Hindi on foreign soil and sometimes by chanting “Make in India” and moves towards making the country not only powerful but self-reliant. By giving shape to the dreams of innovation, efficiency, skill development, protection of intellectual property, indigenous production in the defence sector, making the best – these and many more, Modi is really giving meaning to our freedom after a long time. This festival of freedom is a call for those people who by becoming indolent, lazy, gullible, despondent and selfless only dream of heights of success but do not take the resolution to start a new lifestyle by erasing their weaknesses. That is why this celebration of the elixir of freedom is a message that we should never run away from life, give change to life, because in migration there is a stain of stupidity on the human side, whereas in change, the possibilities of development find the right direction and philosophy. Hence, India performed spectacularly at the Olympic 2020 in Tokyo, which has been dealt with comprehensively in our cover story.

Having said this, it is very pathetic as to what is happening in our Parliament. Parliament is temple of democracy and the Opposition and Treasury benches there are like its two eyes and are equal for it.  But this Monsoon season has almost been washed away owing to some unruly scenes in both the houses of Parliament. The Monsoon Session of Parliament witnessed a new low with the Opposition MPs in Rajya Sabha resorting to sloganeering, climbing on the tables and throwing files at the chair amid the discussion on farm laws. In a shocking video, Congress MP Partap Singh Bajwa was seen climbing atop the table in Rajya Sabha and throwing the rule book at the chair. This came after AAP MP Sanjay Singh first climbed on the table and shouted slogans prompting Vice-Chairperson Bhubaneswar Kalita to adjourn the House. Following Partap Singh Bajwa’s disappointing act, other Congress MPs sat on the tables continuing the sloganeering and ruckus, thus leading to adjournment. What is further lamentable is the fact that one CPI(M) MP allegedly choked a marshal. In this perspective, Rajya Sabha Chairman and Lok Sabha Speaker should decide on action to be taken on alleged unruly behaviour of Opposition’s MPs in Parliament. They should look into past precedents and actions, and matter either to be handed over to privilege committee or formation of a new committee should also be considered.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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