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Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister of UK, so what?

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: October 29, 2022 5:39 pm

Rishi Sunak has become the first person of Indian Origin and first Hindu to become the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. It is important to note that he is neither the first Hindu nor the first person of Indian Origin to become a Head of State other than India. The first person of Indian origin to become head of another state was Mohammad Ali Jinnah. His ancestors converted to Islam from Hindutava, he divided India in the name of Islam and went on to become first Governor General of Pakistan in 1947. The first Hindu to become a head of a state was Seewoosagur Ramgoolam who became Prime Minister of Mauritius in 1968.

But still there are few firsts to Rishi Sunak’s credit:

He is the first Hindu to become head of state of UK.

He is the first person of Indian origin to become head of state of UK.

He is the first Hindu to head a state which was not colonised by UK.

He is the first person of Indian origin to head a state which was not colonised by UK.

The Indians are happy because British were the former colonisers and now, they will be governed by a person of Indian origin. Some of the famous comments on Indians made by the colonisers make the feeling more special. Listed below are two such comments:

  1. B. Macaulay: We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, –a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.

Winston Churchill: If Independence is granted to India, power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw.

Both Macaulay and Churchill will be turning in grave till eternity. Indians are also excited because it has happened during the “SwadhintakaAmritMahotsav” i.e., in the 75th year celebration of throwing out of British from India in 1947. Hindus are happy because lot of sick individuals with Hindu name and others, from within and outside India attributed Rishi Sunak’s loss in last Prime Ministerial election to his worshipping cow. He has been attacked time and again for being a proud Hindu, who visits temples and celebrates Hindu festivals.

Hindus have a feeling of a feeling of “joie de vivre” because it has happened within fifteen days of vandalism of temple and removal of saffron flag in Leicester. Hindus are also happy because it happened on Dipawali. Rishi Sunak, a Hindu has become PM of UK, when a section from UK is trying to spread Hindumisia.

The question which was being raised by Brown Sepoys on 24th October about why Hindus or Indians were celebrating Rishi Sunak’s victory were answered as above. On the morning of 25th October, the Brown Sepoys changed their question to, when will a minority become a head of state in India. Brown Sepoy’s think India is still colonized. They have not got it still that a person of Indian origin & a Hindu is head of former colonizer and India does not take orders or copies from UK since 2014. Brown Sepoys do not realise that minorities have been occupying Prime Ministers and Presidents post since independence. They were schooled that; it was the opposition which had opposed the candidature of A P J Abdul Kalam’s second term as President.

Brown Sepoys led by Shashi Tharoor again shifted the goal post. They said when a minority will become Prime Minister of India? They were reminded that Mounmohan Singh was Prime Minister for 10 years and he represented Sikh minority. Brown Sepoy said we do not like Sikhs, we lynched them in 1984. For us minority means only Muslims.

The third highest population of Muslims in the world is in India and they are above 20 crores and they are called minorities. As if this is not irony enough, Brown Sepoys forget that Muslims divided India and created two nations Pakistan and Bangladesh for themselves in the name of Islam. They can go to Pakistan or Bangladesh and become President and Prime Minister there. Hamid Ansari was made Vice president of India, and he went on to attend the programs of PFI, an organisation accused of terror activities. Hamid Ansari’s list of contribution to India is a long one and one can find them on internet. In Kashmir Muslims will not even allow Hindus to stay, forget having a Hindu Chief Minister. In many states in North East, one must be a Christian to be a Chief Minister. In rest of India, Muslim areas have appeared which are no go zone for Hindus. Pakistan Zindabad is the favorite song and even Muslim MPs will not sing VandeMatarm in parliament. Educated & uneducated, rich & poor will rejoice on every “Sir Tan Se Juda” and will ask when will a Muslim become PM. It would be better if the opposition parties started making Muslim leader as their party president to begin with.

Mahathir bin Mohamad of Malaysia and Kamla Harris of USA both are of Indian origin and the world has seen their hate for India and Hindus. Rishi Sunak has not demonstrated his hatred for India and Hindus so far. It does not mean that he will return the Kohinoor or 45 trillion dollar that British looted from India. He has been elected as PM of UK and he will and he should work to further the interest of UK. Just like several other people of Indian origin have worked to further the interest of respective nations where they are at the helm.

It will be nice if as a person of Indian origin, if he could make Brits more civilised and not be a spoil sport while playing cricket. Even this much will do a lot of good to white skins in UK.

And as a proud Hindu, if he can restrain his father-in-law Mr Narayan Murty and brother-in-law Rohan Murty who have demonstrated their anti-Hindu side by funding Sheldon Pollock through Murty Classical Library. KausikGangopadhyay described Sheldon Pollock as, “the academician-cum-activist who was at the helm of supporting the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, is back in news. He is being projected as a victim in the Indian media. Pollock was exposed threadbare by Rajiv Malhotra in his book The Battle for Sanskrit. The book portrayed Pollock’s views that are marked by extreme Hinduphobia.”

In between all this, few in Indian media who were calling Rishi Sunak as Asian till 24th October started calling him Indian Hindu on the morning of 25th October, to give some wind to the narrative of Brown Sepoys. UK which has elected him as PM, has not looked at his religion but in India, the media and the political parties have looked at his religion and nothing else since yesterday. These are the same political parties and media which keeps lecturing to keep religion away from politics. In this disguise media and political parties have successfully buried terror attack in Coimbatore and Vadodara during Dipawali. Also, some were trying to make ground for Sonia Gandhi. They forget that Rishi Sunak to Kamla Harris were born in their respective nations where they are political leader unlike Sonia Gandhi. Moreover, Sonia Gandhi did not accept Indian citizenship after several years of her marriage too Rajiv Gandhi. The Sonia supporters need to focus on the fact that a 42-year-old has become a Prime Minister in UK, while in India a 52-year-old is walking aimlessly.

Surprisingly no one from the 56 Muslim countries has asked when will they get a Hindu PM like UK, not even Pakistan. When London elected an Islamic mayor no one in Pakistan said we should have a Christian or Hindu mayor. No one in Kashmir said we should have a Hindu mayor.

Last but not the least, Rishi Sunak did not split UK in the name of religion to become Prime Minister. He has not become Prime Minister of UK under any minority quota. He has not played identity politics. He is not inheriting his political post. He is educated and a successful professional and politician. He has worked for it. His talent has respect and support of fellow Members of Parliament. He contested the election fair and square. He lost once and did not blame anyone for it. He has not been part of any girl child grooming gang. He does not block the streets of UK once every week. He does not create law and order problem in UK. He has earned his money in UK and has paid taxes on his earning. He brings lot of respect to UK as a citizen. He has been dignified in his victory. Wishing all the luck to the youngest Prime Minister of UK, Rishi Sunak. Well done. Congratulations.

By Sandeep Singh

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