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Riots and Wrongs in Delhi

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: March 14, 2020 5:39 pm

The situation is under control in the riot-hit areas of Delhi, which were singed in the fire of riots. There is peace, to say, but this peace is on the surface, the embers are still smouldering beneath the surface. In this background, the name of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Councillor Tahir Hussain cropped up, who is believed to be the mastermind of the riots and has been arrested. Shah Rukh, who fired a pistol at the policeman in the Delhi riots, has also been arrested. When Tahir’s name surfaced behind the riots, he spoke to so-called ‘secular’ news channels and described himself as the victim, whereas the reality is that a large number of sulphuric acid, petrol bombs and stones were found from the roof of his house. The question is: When Tahir did carry out so much preparation, where was the intelligence agency? What is more, when ‘AAP’ suspended Tahir, just nine minutes later this, Amanatullah Khan, an AAP MLA, tweeted to defend his party member, calling him“innocent.” Javed Akhtar also joined in, who said in a tweet: “So many killed, so many injured, so many house burned, so many shops looted, so many people turned destitute, but police has sealed only one house and looking for his owner. Incidentally his name is Tahir. Hats off to the consistency of the Delhi police.” It seems he has forgotten the fact that his songs are not heard by people as Hindus and Muslims, but he has been respected as an artist. For, his tweet gives out the understanding that Tahir Hussain is a Muslim, and hence, a victim! Some security experts see the genesis of Delhi riots in Shaheen Bagh protest. Against this backdrop, it is apt to say that why have women been allowed to block the road in the name of protest? What sort of protest is this that you put other people to maximum inconvenience? How can this be justified under any circumstances? Why is it that the Supreme Court, instead of ordering the immediate eviction of blocking of road, which is a national highway and connects Delhi and Noida, decided to just condemn it and ordered the setting-up of a high-powered committee, comprising senior lawyer Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran to engage in talks with those, who have done the illegal act of blocking the road?

The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) took a communal turn in several places. The anti-CAA protests always had a deep communal undertone. Even though some Hindus and Sikhs too protested in solidarity, and Chandrashekhar of the Bhim Army lent his full support and might to the protests, forgetting the sufferings of minorities in those Islamic countries, it is irrefutable that the so-called protests always had a communal colour. And it was cleverly concealed by the protesters under the Indian flag and the Preamble of the Constitution of India. The Delhi riots exposed the anti-CAA “protests” for what it actually was all along. However, our left liberal intellectuals would have us believe otherwise. These riots have also underscored that if you live in a Muslim-dominated area in present day, you have to carefully mind how you conduct yourself religiously. Neglect this advice, and you are inviting a backlash on yourself, and after that you shouldn’t complain. An orthodox Muslim gets the message that no matter what he/she does, the sympathy is always on his/her side and it’s always the other side that is painted black. He/she is the one who is constantly victimised and his/her rage is always justified. He/she is the one who is always at the receiving end. He/she is the one, who always needs protection, accommodation, reassurance and a great level of understanding. He/she is the one, who should constantly be listened to and it’s his/her writ that must run, no matter how irrational, intolerant or violent it is. He/she acts like a spoilt brat, and a lot of blame lies in the way the rest of the society mollycoddles him/her. It’s high time he/she gets the message that it is actually a pluralistic world we’re living in and that we all have to live together, whether he/she likes it or not. Just as he/she is not going anywhere, the rest of the communities too aren’t going anywhere. He/she needs to learn to deal with this fact.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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