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Right to Riots?

Updated: August 29, 2020 2:29 pm

There appears to be a conspiracy hatched in Karnataka before August 15 to spoil the atmosphere there, i.e., in only two days, an attempt was made to impair the ambience at two places in Karnataka. On 11 August 2020, violence took place in Bengaluru as part of the conspiracy, and two days later, on 13 August, in Chikmagalur, an attempt was made to destroy the harmony, as an offensive flag of political organisation Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) of Islamic organisation Popular Front of India (PFI) was thrown at the idol of Shankaracharya at Sringeri in Chikmagalur. People protested against it, but notably there was no violence. It is noteworthy that most people in the Muslim community understand India’s diversity and abstain from violence, which is why Indian Muslims are said to be different from other Muslims in the world. But among them, there are some people who provoke people for their own interests, sometimes in the name of religion or sometimes on other issues. And many political parties appease such people because of their vote bank politics. In fact, the whole propaganda machinery of Islamists and leftists happens to be at work, creating a notion that the entire nation is burning and the Modi-Shah duo are responsible for the incidents. Even while all debates were carried on in India about riots in Bengaluru, news emerged that a Hindu girl was abducted in Pakistan. No political fronts from the Opposition ranks showed any concern for the kidnapped girl, but they were quick in condemning the police action on those who attacked the police stations in Bengaluru! What we saw on streets of Bengaluru cannot be written off as a spontaneous show of dissent. It was nothing but fear-mongering by leftist intelligentsia and unruliness of mobs with a particular religious denomination, challenging the rule of the land.

The situation, at present, is under control in the riot-hit areas of Bengaluru, which were singed in the fire of riots. There is peace, to say, but this peace is on the surface, the embers are seemingly smouldering beneath the surface. Against this backdrop, the name of Congress Councillor’s husband Kaleem Pasha cropped up, who is believed to be the mastermind of the riots, and has been arrested. But the biggest thing in this affair is that the police also arrested a leader named Muzammil Pasha of SDPI, an arm of Islamic fundamentalist organisation PFI, which is accused of being involved in Delhi riots and funding these riots. We believe all religions should be respected, and no religious sentiments should be hurt, but why does this condition not apply to all religions? Recently, there was a big hue and cry over the installation of a loudspeaker at a temple because it disturbed Muslims during Ramzan. There was another controversy when the Muslims of an area complained that the bells of a Hindu temple were purposely rung loudly to cause annoyance to the Muslims of the area. If this is the case, if they get disturbed when other communities practise their own religions, then what about the Hindus practising their religion and getting disturbed by azaan on loudspeakers multiple times in a day? What about the throngs of Muslims, who gather on the roads every Friday and cause massive traffic jams in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities? Do people complain? They have simply gotten used to the phenomena because there is no other choice. Having said this, it cannot be gainsaid that fanatic Muslims get the message that no matter what they do, the sympathy is always on their side and it’s always the other side that is painted black. They are the ones who are constantly victimised and their rage is always justified. They are the ones who are always at the receiving end. They are the ones, who always need protection, accommodation, reassurance and a great level of understanding. They are the ones who should constantly be listened to and it’s their writ that must run, no matter how irrational, intolerant or violent it is. But, it’s high time they got the message that it is actually a pluralistic world we’re living in and that we all have to live together, whether they like it or not. Just as they are not going anywhere, the rest of the communities too aren’t going anywhere. Hence, they need to learn to deal with this fact.


Deepak Kumar Rath


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