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Return Of The Prodigal

Updated: May 2, 2015 11:44 pm

The Gandhi scion, the Rajkumar returned to mother country after two months of sabbatical. Nothing astonishing in this, he was expected to ‘appear’ about this time and then address a farmers’ rally. What shocked us all was that no pomp and show and a sizeable crowd shouting Rahul tum sagharsh karo hum thumahre saath hain was not organised. Why such secrecy? Two reasons seem obvious.

Rahul Bhaiya did not want to face the media which could have asked some uncomfortable question. Secondly, the Yuvraj is in the habit of sneaking out and then sneaking in. Normally it is said he flies out from here on Mukesh Ambani’s jet to Dubai or Riyadh and from there he gets one of the jets from the fleet of planes owned by the Saudi King. This way, manifest is avoided and neither the name nor details of the trip will be recorded.

Who knows he might have returned in a privately-owned jet. This is why neither the mother nor his sister were present at the airport. They went to Rahul’s residence as soon as he reached home.

The leaders and other party members will have the opportunity to have his darshan at the rally.

NB; Whispers heard last, a few seniors lamented “Why has he come back. He won’t ever change.”

A chorus of Amen!

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