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Rejoice In A Happy Family

Updated: November 13, 2010 11:42 am

One, who does not lose internal happiness both in joys and sorrows, is the real karma yogi. Today, few people indulge in mental austerities. In fact, meditation does not mean raising complexities in life. Bodily austerities do not intend us to sit in sun. We bow before worthy saints in devotion, but we must also help others. Austerity in speech is to always speak sweetly, warmly and truthfully. Acharyas have said that serving others, serving those who are engaged in eternal self-reformation, helping the common masses, and helping the persons of the same society, is all meditation of the body and along with that we get peace of mind.

                In fact real meditation demands us to be free from envy, attachment, and having love and compassion for all creatures in our heart. If we implement such a conduct in life, we have meditated successfully. One who tries to detach his mind from worldly things, his efforts are called austerity. Mental meditation, in reality, is mental joy. In spite of all problems, one who keeps the joys of mind intact, never lets his actions be spoiled; has meditated in the real sense. Keeping the mind happy in external complex situations is the real meditation.

                It is not difficult to practice such asceticism. We just have to assert our happiness in all negative situations too. We must be humble through our gestures, and should always be ready to bow down before others. No bitterness or ill will should be reflected in our words. Practicing this daily will refine our life.

Maharani Aprajita once had to make a very difficult decision in her life. On a particular festival, the king Dashrath sent mangal-kalash for his queens. All the queens got the kalash except queen Aprajita. She thought that the King was angry with her and that was why he had disgraced her. Maharani planned to commit suicide, pained with this self-imagined insult and she made all preparations. Meanwhile, the king came there and prevented her from doing so and asked the reason. Maharani related her grief to him. At the same time the ‘khoja’ carrying the holy kalash reached there and gifted it to her. She was pacified, and then questioned the khoja for coming late. He replied, “The Maharaja, had sent maid servants to other queens. They were young maidens, so quickly reached. I am an old man and have reached here after a lot of panting, coughing and slow walking.”

                Maharaja said, “Look Maharani! I deputed khoja to honour you with the holy kalash.”

                Aprajita was overjoyed and repented her impetuous decision.

                The road for discovery of truth is long one. Many births are required to traverse this distance. Our body is a means for doing so. It can be utilised in religious affairs or sinful activities, depending upon man’s wisdom. A spiritually-inclined man makes it a means to attain peace.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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